The Marywood University graduate programs in Elementary, Secondary and Menatal Health counseling have been accredited by the Counsel for Accrediting Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).

Internship Binder Sections:

I.Title Page

  • Name and address of Internship site
  • Name and telephone numbers of site supervisor
  • Student's name, address and telephone numbers
  • Starting and ending dates of Internship

II. Placement Information

  • Site's mission statement
  • Information given to clients regarding site
  • Demographics of population provided service
  • What kind of Internship experience did you have as an intern?
  • Personal thoughts/experiences/reflections

III. Forms

  • Informed consent/release of information
  • Confidentiality
  • Intake packet
  • Progress note form
  • Treatment plan form
  • Any form that would be used throughout your internship experience

IV. Resources/References/Tools

  • Any resource of tool used with treating clients (i.e., book references and how you used the book for treatment, informational handouts given to clients regarding treatment, etc.)

V. Hours/Internship Activity Log

  • Log sheet (weekly/monthly totals)
  • Daily log sheet (hourly totals)

VI. Evaluations

  • Contract
  • Goal statements
  • What you expected from internship site?
  • What you received from internship site?
  • Evaluations from supervisor
  • Middle point (300/450 hours completed)
  • Termination (600/900 hours completed)
  • Site Evaluation Form (to be completed after internship experience is over).