A Beautiful Mind

2001 , PG-13

Educational Average: 9.23 | Entertainment Average: 9.3

Overall Average: 9.27

Genre: Drama

Starring: Russell Crowe, Ed Harris, Jennifer Connelly
Topics: Schizophrenia

Academy Award winner for Best Picture and Best Supporting Actress. Russell Crowe portrays Nash, a brilliant mathematician. There is a major plot twist - stop reading here if you don't want it spoiled...We learn that we are misled - situations and characters turn out to be portrayals of Nash's delusional thinking and hallucinations. We see him spiral downward in the throes of his psychotic thinking or the side effects of his medications. What do you think about the suggestion that he was able to self-challenge the reality of the hallucinations, as at the end of the movie? What do you think this movie did for public perception of schizophrenia? If you really want to know his story, read the book -- not an easy read, mind you -- but with plenty more information missing from the Hollywood version...