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Privacy Policy

Frequently Asked Questions


Who will know that I am in therapy? (Confidentiality)
In accordance with ethical principles and federal and state law, all sessions here at the PSC are kept strictly confidential between client and therapist. However, there are some limits to confidentiality: Safety concerns may limit confidentiality. If we suspect that you are at a risk to yourself or others, if you should disclose abuse of a child or if we would receive a court order.  All sessions are video and audio taped exclusively for supervision and training purposes. *See the Privacy Policy link on the left for more information.


What is the fee/cost?

The fee for each 50 minute session varies for each individual. The PSC operates on a sliding scale that ranges from $5 to $40 dollars for therapy sessions. Assessments are also available for an affordable price.


Do you take insurance?

The Psychological Services Center does not accept any form of insurance.  However, the discounted sliding scale fee still makes treatment at the PSC very affordable.


How do I make an appointment or contact my therapist?

You can contact the Psychological Services Center at 570-348-6269. You will be asked a few brief questions before an intake session can be scheduled for you. Contact your individual therapist by calling the PSC's phone number and leaving a message for them.


What can I expect during my first session? 

The first session is a 90 minute Diagnostic Assessment used to gather information about a client prior to the start of treatment. The Diagnostic Assessment is used to gain as much information as possible to get an idea of what your needs are in an effort determine how we can best serve you. You should plan to spend approximately 2 hours for this interview and paperwork. During this session a weekly session fee will be decided ranging between $5 and $40 dollars.


Why are the sessions videotaped?

The PSC is a training clinic therefore, all sessions are video and audio recorded for supervision training. Only your individual student therapist and the licensed psychologist supervising them have access to these recordings. Recordings are used to ensure that clients receive the best level of care possible.


Who are the therapists?
The therapists providing services at the PSC are students enrolled in either the master’s clinical psychology program or the doctoral clinical psychology program. Student therapists are closely supervised by both their individual licensed supervisor and the Clinic Director.