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Peace and Justice Studies


  • Prepare for leadership in today’s complex, interdependent, global society.
  • Develop skills in critical analysis and cultivate the capacity for hope.
  • Learn to embody Marywood’s core values through an emphasis on respect for each person, empowerment for social change, and service.

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Peace and Justice Studies at Marywood

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Undergraduate Admissions Requirements

  • Official SAT and/or ACT scores
  • Completed application
  • Essay
  • Official transcripts
  • Letter of recommendation

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Minor in Justice and Peace Studies

For the minor in Justice and Peace Studies, 18 credit hours are required, nine of which must be earned at Marywood. Transferred credits may be applied to the minor with the approval of the director of the minor. The required courses for the minor include:

HIST 105 Ethnicity and Diversity in the Modern World 3
RST 230 Political and Liberation Theologies 3
RST 216 Social Morality: National Issues 3
RST 233 Christian Social Morality: A Global Perspective 3
Either of the following must include the service trip component:
RST 338 National/Local Service Program 3
RST 339 International Service Program 3

In addition, 6 credit hours selected from a list of approved courses are required. An updated list of courses is available from the Justice and Peace Studies program director, Sister Mary Ann Zimmer, ND. Typical courses may include but are not limited to the following:

RST 234 Women and Religion
BUS 380 Business Ethics
ENGL 485 Writing and Cultural Studies
ENGL 490 Feminist Writing and Rhetoric
HIST 440 Contemporary History of Latin America
HIST 443 Contemporary History of Africa
HIST 454 Contemporary History of the Middle East
PHIL 328 Environmental Ethics
PHIL 340 Animal Ethics
PHIL 345 Race, Class, and Gender
PHIL 415 Climate Justice
PHIL 431 Global Justice
SPAN 332 Hispanic Literature of Social Protest
SW 230 Analysis of Social Welfare Policy
SW 250 Contemporary Social Work Practice
SW 425 Children’s Rights and Societal Response


CAPSTONE REQUIREMENT: Because the ability to integrate interdisciplinary resources is essential to the program, a capstone paper is required in the last course the student takes to meet the program requirements. The parameters of this capstone paper will be negotiated by the student to the satisfaction of the course professor at the beginning of the course.