Scholarship Dinner 2012

Oct 05, 2012

Colleen Traub '14, student speaker at the 2012 Scholarship Dinner, and Sister Anne Munley, IHM, President

I see an exceptional group of people before me—dedicated and outstanding leaders, linked through your common recognition of the value of learning.

The heartfelt words of those who have given so generously to support our students, as well as the deep gratitude of our student scholars, capture well the spirit of this evening and the mission of this University. We share a very practical understanding of and commitment to education—in so many ways, life’s true commodity of lasting value. And you have all—wisely and wholeheartedly—invested in it. Our most priceless treasures are, of course, our students.

Every student here has, I am certain, expressed his or her gratitude to the benefactors who have gathered with us this evening. I also thank you for your investment in Marywood, and, especially in the education of these worthy students. In addition to the support of our esteemed scholarship benefactors, there are two groups that deserve special recognition for shaping the paths of Marywood and its students—financially and academically contributing to the life of this university, living our cherished mission and core values, and advancing the vision of our future.

The task of naming all those who have made and are making important investments in our future defies even a definition of “impossible,” but tonight I do want to especially recognize several individuals from these groups, who have made an enormous investment in Marywood University and its students. 

We can surely find no finer examples of generosity and dedication than those who serve on our Board of Trustees.

This past spring, one of those individuals completed his term, after compiling an impressive record of leadership and service to Marywood.  While he wasn’t able to join us for this evening’s celebration, I would like to recognize Mr. Richard P. Kane with great thanks for his contributions and service to Marywood.

You can refer to your program books to see the specific committees on which Mr. Kane served and the roles he has fulfilled on behalf of Marywood University. For our part, we are pleased to honor this esteemed former trustee and Board Chairman for all he has done for Marywood by presenting a scholarship in his name to a deserving student.

We also want to honor our recently retired faculty members.

When they retired last spring, their incredible records of service collectively spanned more than 142 years. Unfortunately, one of them, Dr. Michael Foley, was unable to join us this evening, but we are pleased to recognize three who have joined us tonight.

 For more than 35 years, Dr. Walter Broughton dedicated himself to his students. He guided those in the criminal justice programs, both graduate and undergraduate, to achieve their career goals. He fostered research by graduates and undergraduates, taking them to regional conferences where they presented their work. Dr. Broughton also involved students in his own research, especially that commissioned by community groups in need of his expertise. By organizing annual public programs in sociology and criminal justice, he served professionals in the area and enhanced Marywood's reputation in the community. Dr. Broughton, we are thankful for your steadfast dedication, and we hope you will be greatly pleased that a worthy student is being awarded a scholarship in your name. 

Sister Alphonsa Concilio retired after nearly 37 years of faithful, loving dedication to the institution that is also her alma mater. Sister Joan McCusker captures the pure essence of Sister Alphonsa in two words: “joyful servant.”  She is still the caring, kind “joyful servant” she has always been. Students have said, “I like working with Sister Alphonsa; she helps me be a better person.”  Sister Alphonsa, you have indeed helped all of us become better people; you have truly brought joy to your students throughout the years. May God continue to bless you with that grace-filled spirit of joy, as we honor your long-standing commitment to Marywood by awarding a scholarship in your name to a dedicated student.

For nearly 35 years, Dr. Sam Dagher was a mentor for scores of students-turned-successful graduates and graduates-turned-successful business people. Many of his outstanding students have entered the Great Valley Technology Alliance business plan competition since 2003, consistently winning and/or placing among the top finalists.  The Chair of the Business Department for many years, Dr. Dagher garnered great praise for his book, Strategic Acquisiton, Divestment, and LBO: Global Dealmaking, which was also the focus of the unique MBA course he designed and taught—the only one of its kind in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Dr. Dagher, we are deeply grateful for your vibrant spirit and outstanding business acumen, which we know will serve as a great inspiration to an equally dynamic student, who will be awarded a scholarship in your name.

If you refer to your program booklets, you will see the list of our Marywood University scholarship recipients, as well as a description of the criteria for awarding these Scholarships. These students are our best and brightest—not only must they meet stringent academic qualifications to merit the scholarships in the first place, but they must maintain a minimum 3.25 GPA—or better—to renew these awards each year.

Another integral part of a Marywood University Scholarship is its service component—all Marywood University Scholars must engage in ongoing service activities to fully meet the qualifications for these prestigious awards. We at Marywood recognize the vital, interdependent link between learning and serving. We know that to shape true leaders, both academic excellence and dedicated service must go hand-in-hand.

And so, let us offer our enthusiastic applause to acknowledge our outstanding Marywood University Scholars. 

Finally, your presence here this evening affirms the importance of what we do at Marywood University. Your commitment bears witness to the fact that our important work can and will continue—assuring that our students will always have access to a meaningful education and significant opportunities. We celebrate Marywood and the leaders who have come from it to become—in turn—a blessing to communities and professions and people regionally and throughout the world. We celebrate our many devoted benefactors who believe in and have so generously invested in this University.

It is with thanks to God that I offer my deepest gratitude, on behalf of Marywood University, to you—the students, the benefactors, the faculty, the alumni—to all who believe in Marywood and who continue to actively support and carry forth our mission to the world. God bless you!