Welcome to University Scholars and Parents

Feb 20, 2012

I am delighted to have this opportunity to welcome the University Scholars and their families to Marywood University today. You have chosen a university that, for nearly a century, has been focused on developing God-given potential for leadership, academic excellence, professional contribution, and, most importantly, service to others.

I want to thank the parents and guardians who are here today. Through your support, your daughters and sons are on their way to achieve their dreams, and I know you have worked very hard to prepare them for adulthood and for becoming world citizens. We take seriously the trust you have placed in us by letting them explore their educational dreams at Marywood.

This is a time for hopeful beginnings and exciting possibilities; for us at Marywood, it also is a vital continuation of a dream ever in motion. Students, we are committed to you. We’re committed to your dreams. These dreams are the foundation of the meaningful deeds you will perform throughout your life. They matter. YOU matter—and the entire Marywood community is ready to encourage you and support you in your pursuit of a well-rounded education.

Both scholastically and socially, you will thrive here. You’ll benefit from the attention you receive through mentoring experiences, research opportunities, and small class sizes. You’ll become environmentally-conscious and globally-aware scholars. Some of you will maximize your time and your education by attaining your bachelor’s and master’s degrees through one of our many five-year degree programs. You’ll share the spirit and the pride of the athletic accomplishments of our 17 varsity teams. You’ll step out of your comfort zone and serve those in need. These many occasions to learn and to grow will provide an enriching, one-of-a-kind experience for you. I like to say that at Marywood University we are big enough to enjoy diverse opportunities, yet small enough to foster strong community bonds.

Marywood educates each student beyond a professional interest or academic discipline. Yes, with hard work and persistence, you will eventually earn your diploma, but it is our hope that you will take much more than that with you. Here, you will get an education in the most comprehensive sense. Professional preparation, creativity, dialogue, the passionate exchange of ideas, and spiritual inspiration all blend together to help you forge lives rich in meaning and significance.

As we face the realities of this changing world, it is important that you are prepared to meet it as true global citizens, with the leadership and professional skills to move forward, rooted in Marywood’s mission and core values. For our part, we will continue to encourage you and provide the tools, the setting, and the support you need to succeed.