Dedication of Phase II of the Center for Architectural Studies

Oct 22, 2011

It is an honor and a delight for me to join you—our dedicated supporters and benefactors—for this meaningful ceremony.

The progress that has been made since we first established the School of Architecture in 2008 has been extraordinary. From its initial concept to its actual creation, the School of Architecture has been consciously committed to sustainability. With the dedication of Phase II of this Center, we realize the full vision of what was just a dream three years ago. Now, we are eager to see the enduring impact that our future architects will make throughout the nation and the world.

We have certainly come a long way in a very short time. In terms of bricks and mortar, this facility has literally been transformed; yet, some familiar things remain. Just as we did with the Phase I construction, so much of what was here already was again put to good use during the Phase II renovations. This space has a memorable history. Generations of alumni knew it simply as "the pool"—we learned how to become better swimmers here, thanks to Helen Leonard. I am sure some of you can still picture it in your mind's eye. (I, for one, would like to forget the high dive.)

However, we didn't want to forget this vivid part of our history, so reminders of what once was—depth markers and ceramic tiles—are part of the renovated design, connecting our cherished past to our exciting future.

Certainly, we could not have done any of this without your support, and we thank you for believing in Marywood University, its mission, and its unwavering vision, as we boldly step forward into a future filled with promise.

In particular, we thank and recognize those who have taken the lead and established named gifts, providing tremendous support for the University through the Center for Architectural Studies.

Following the ribbon cutting today, we will bless these special areas of the Center, including the Tedesco Lounge, located on the first floor and named in honor of former trustee James J. Tedesco and his wife Eileen. This gift is given by their children, former trustee Kathryn Tedesco Cesare, James Tedesco, Jr., and Eileen Tedesco Griffiths, who wanted to memorialize their parents in a meaningful and lasting way.

We will also celebrate the naming of the John T. Wulko Dean's Office, given by Marywood trustee and alumna Ann R. Henry '73, Ph.D., in honor of her husband, John T. "Ted" Wulko, who worked for many years as a structural designer before changing careers and earning his degree in interior design.

We certainly have much to celebrate today. I invite you to take a look around the Center, speak to our faculty and students, and see for yourselves the positive effects of the School's impact on Marywood University and this region. Thank you for the significant role you have played to help us realize this innovative vision. God bless you—enjoy the rest of your day.