Woodlands II Townhouse Groundbreaking

Apr 16, 2010

It is the continued growth of our student population-especially our resident student population-that brings us to today's happy occasion. The groundbreaking and construction of another townhouse complex will give our students more than another housing option. It will provide them with a close-knit, supportive community that is so crucial to a comprehensive educational experience. We refer to that abundant, relationship-building phenomenon simply as "the Marywood experience," and from the fullness of this experience, lifelong friendships are built and nurtured.

This new complex will feature 12 townhouse units adjacent to the current Woodlands Townhouse complex. Each unit will initially house eight students per unit, though I'm told that we have the capacity to increase to ten students per unit, as growth in the student population warrants. In the meantime, that additional bedroom will be used as a study room for the eight students in each house.

Hemmler Camayd Architects designed the new complex, which is being built by Simplex Industries. The pre-fabrication construction will allow for an abbreviated construction period, so that occupancy will be available for the fall semester of this coming academic year. Additional parking will be adjacent to the baseball field, and this will be coupled with the extension of Adams Avenue into the University's property, easing both traffic flow and safety concerns.

As we celebrate the symbolic first step of construction through today's groundbreaking ceremony, let us gratefully acknowledge in our hearts the efforts of those who, through the years, have built Marywood University into the leading institution of higher education that it is today. Because of the contributions of so many-benefactors, trustees, administrative and faculty leadership-this University and its vast program offerings have well exceeded the pioneering vision of the IHM Sisters who founded Marywood 95 years ago.

So we stand here today as proud heirs of an outstanding tradition and as stewards of an empowering mission. Just as we have broken ground today to open a housing facility for Marywood's students, may those same students continue to break ground in their own lives-opening their hearts to serving others and making a positive difference for the life of the world.