Marywood University Statement on DREAMers

Flag Over LAC Marywood University, sponsored by the Congregation of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, roots itself in the Catholic intellectual tradition, the principle of justice, and the belief that education empowers people. Our core values of Catholic identity, respect, service, empowerment, and excellence compel us to honor the uniqueness and dignity of each human person; to demonstrate ethical and just interactions; and to be a voice when our values are threatened. It is in this spirit that Marywood University speaks on behalf of the DREAMers, children, many of whom were brought to this country as infants, and who may have never known any other home, and who serve their communities in myriad ways because they believe in promoting the common good and America’s values of freedom, equality, and justice for all. They are among the true heirs of the American spirit and deeply valued members of our society who deserve the protection of citizenship.  We call on Congress to take the necessary actions to protect these vulnerable young people. This is a moment that defines the American ethos and speaks to who we are as a people and who we want to be. To the Marywood DREAMers, know that we love and support you and will defend your right to be here to the best of our ability.