Goal 1 Create both academic and physical infrastructure to provide a learning environment that enables students to succeed academically and professionally.

A. Enhance the quality of the Marywood educational experience.

B. Enhance and promote Marywood University's academic reputation.

C. Continue to expand research opportunities for faculty and students.

D. Improve physical environment for delivering instruction, conducting research, and accommodating alternative learning styles.

Goal 2 Create a culturally diverse and global educational experience to educate students to live responsibly in a diverse and interdependent world.

A. Increase the number of culturally diverse students, faculty and staff.

B. Enhance curriculum to reflect the changing global perspective.

C. Develop more sensitive and positive attitudes and behaviors toward cultural diversity by faculty, staff and students, including attention to providing a welcoming and supportive campus.

D. Increase opportunities for study abroad and other cultural exchange experiences for students and faculty.

Goal 3 Align resources to achieve institutional goals, with a focus on environmental stewardship.

A. Improve information services and access for students, faculty, staff, and external audiences.

B. Improve financial position through revenue enhancement activity.

C. Improve the quality and efficiency of infrastructure.

D. Align human resource initiatives to institutional goals.

E. Create a campus-wide initiative to implement Sustainable Design Practices in all building and campus maintenance and operation, building renovations, and new construction.