Strategic Plan 2017 – 2020


GOAL 1: Financial Stewardship: Marywood University will align resources to achieve and maintain long-term fiscal sustainability and environmental stewardship.

  1. Develop a plan to ensure the fiscal stability of the institution over the next five years and beyond.

  2. Improve financial position through revenue enhancement activity.

  3. Develop strategies for recruitment, enrollment, retention, and timely graduation of undergraduate and graduate students.

  4. Develop strategies and processes for seamless transition for students transferring into Marywood.

  5. Improve the quality and efficiency of the physical and environmental infrastructure.

  6. Develop strategies to track employment, provide networking opportunities, and meet the ongoing educational needs of alumni.

  7. Promote and market campus and curricular environmental sustainability efforts.

GOAL 2: Strategic Planning: Marywood University will create a university-wide planning process that strengthens the alignment of area goals with the University Strategic Plan and with resource allocation

  1. Develop three-to-five year operational plans for all academic and non-academic areas of the University.

  2. Increase communication in the budget process to include input from departments across the University.

GOAL 3: Academic Excellence: Marywood University will create academic and physical infrastructures to provide a learning environment that enables graduate and undergraduate students to succeed academically and professionally.

  1. Enhance the quality of the Marywood educational experience.

  2. Analyze committee and existing structures to identify and implement changes that can be made in order to facilitate improved communication and sharing of information among all constituencies on campus.

  3. Enhance and promote Marywood University's academic reputation.

  4. Continue to expand research opportunities for faculty and students.

  5. Improve physical environment for delivering instruction, conducting research, and accommodating all learning styles.

  6. Provide support for faculty for developing and implementing online/hybrid courses and programming.

GOAL 4: Diversity: Marywood University will create a culturally diverse and global educational experience to educate graduate and undergraduate students to live responsibly in a diverse and interdependent world.

  1. Increase the number of culturally diverse students, faculty, and staff.

  2. Create a culture that strengthens inter-cultural competencies through dialogue, experiences, programming, and mutual understating.

  3. Expand current infrastructure better to support the academic and social needs of non-traditional, diverse, and international students.