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Marywood University respects the privacy of users of its website. For those who access the site for information purposes, the University stores only anonymous data related to one's use of the site. This information helps to provide the best quality information and the kind of online offerings desired by users.

Information collected through forms and other online services connected to the Marywood University Website is private and confidential.  Use of this information is governed by the University’s Family Educational Rights and Privacy Policy (based on FERPA) and applicable federal and state laws.  Responses to questions regarding race, sex, color, national or ethnic origin, age, creed, ancestry, religion, disability, or any other legally protected status are voluntary, are kept confidential, and are not used to deny access for admission, employment and/or services. They are, however, used to assist the University in providing data to demonstrate compliance with federal regulations.

Social Security numbers are requested on applications for admission and employment. They are used for identification when required for certain matters, e.g., those relating to federal and state financial aid, employment background checks, and tax reporting.  Access to social security numbers is restricted only to staff members who need them to provide services.


Questions about this Website Privacy Policy, the practices of the site, or dealings with the website should be referred to the Director of Web Development.

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05/04/01 - Approved by the President as recommended by the Policy Committee of the University
04/20/05 - Revision of paragraph relating to social security numbers approved by the President of the University
05/06/10 - Title change from Marywood University Webmaster to Director of Web Development.
10/12/11 - Revision approved by the President of the University as recommended by the Policy Committee of the University