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University Website Policy

Policy Statement

The Marywood University Website Policy is an information resource for both external and internal users.  The goals of the Website Policy include:

provide comprehensive information about Marywood University and its diverse programs and services;

provide information about events, calendars, activities occurring at the University;

provide access to business, academic and administrative services;

provide prospective students a vehicle for learning about the University and the admissions process, as well as an avenue for connecting with admission personnel and for applying for admission to the University;

provide current students, faculty, staff and administrators with information and resources related to their roles at Marywood and access to online services;

provide external constituencies with access to information and services that enable them to take advantage of opportunities tailored to their needs;

provide opportunities for alumni and others in the Marywood community to maintain contact and linkages to the University;

provide linkages for all constituencies to Marywood through social media;

present information about Marywood in a dynamic and evolving electronic format.


Organizational guidance and approval in a reasonable and timely manner for the Marywood University Website is made by the Website Management Committee.

Each department is responsible for appointing and supervising a web content editor who maintains the departmental website in consultation with the divisional representative to the Web Management Committee and appropriate web professionals.

To present a unified and consistent image of the University, all institutional websites must adhere to guidelines approved by the Website Management Committee regardless of where the site is hosted.

The provisions of the University’s Computer Services-Conditions of Use policy will also apply to the Website.

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01/10/97 - Recommended by the College Committee on Policy
02/06/97 - Approved by the President with publication of the President's Memo
03/21/00 - Revised to include references to the Webmaster and to delete CWIS

12/09/11 - Revised by the President of the University as recommended by the Policy Committee of the University