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Policy Statement

Student organizations are recognized in order to support the rights of students to freely form associations compatible with the mission statement and goals and objectives of the University; maintain the right of the University to choose those student organizations it recognizes; define the relationship between the University and student organizations; and insure that the requirements for recognition, the privileges which accompany recognition, and the policies and procedures that govern student organizations are administered in a consistent and non-discriminatory manner. This policy applies to undergraduate and graduate student organizations including honor societies and organizations sponsored by the Athletics and Recreation Department.

The University expressly permits recognized student organizations to operate on campus. While recognized student organizations may have external affiliations and may be members of an incorporated external organization or be individually incorporated, university recognition only sanctions the existence and operation of an organization on campus. Off-campus activities of recognized student organizations, unless expressly approved and/or sponsored in advance by the University, are the sole responsibility of the organization, its officers and members. Recognized student organizations are private student groups and not official representatives of Marywood University. A recognized student organization may not represent the University in any contractual obligations nor present itself as an official entity within the University.

There are two forms of University recognition: registration and certification.

A third type of organization is a support group.  They are neither registered nor certified organizations that follow separate procedures as defined by the Counseling/Student Development Center.


Registration: A registered student organization is a student group that has met the standard Requirements for Recognition as interpreted by the Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development.

Certification: Recognition as a certified student organization is accorded to registered organizations that have established an association or working relationship with an official operating unit of the University. The nature and extent of this relationship is determined by the administrator of the operating unit, e.g., department chair, dean, director, etc. The activities and programs of certified student organizations are not considered official programs of the operating unit unless expressly approved and/ or sponsored by the chief administrator.


Requirements for recognition of student organizations are available at the Student Activities and Leadership Development Office.


04/23/93 - Approved by the Board of Trustees
07/01/98 - Language updated by Vice President for Student Life for publication in Faculty Manual