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Grade Appeals

Policy Statement

It is presumed that a faculty member assigns grades fairly and in accord with the grade plan included in the course outline distributed to students at the beginning of the course. However, when a student has evidence or believes that evidence exists that a final grade was assigned improperly, the University provides an equitable and orderly process for appeal.


Course outline - the requirements of a course, including course goals and objectives, required readings and reports, testing dates and procedures, grading plans, and all other course expectations.

Final Grade - the grade assigned at the end of a course.


The student requests assurance from the Registrar that no mechanical error was made in recording the grade. Marywood University will not be liable for unreported errors on student records.

The student speaks with the instructor of the course. Oftentimes the issue can be resolved satisfactorily at this level. If the student feels uncomfortable in approaching the instructor, a visit with the department chair, or the appropriate academic dean if the chair is also the instructor, is another avenue to explore before initiating a formal grade appeal.

A student who decides to file a formal grade appeal must submit the request in writing within sixty days of the date the grade is recorded by the Registrar. The necessary form and procedural guidelines are available from the academic dean of the college in which the course was offered.

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03/12/04 - Approved by the President of the University as recommended by the Policy Committee of the University