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Faculty Development

Policy Statement

Faculty development is a broad term describing any of the various activities carried out by faculty members for their professional enrichment.  Certain of these activities may be financially supported by Marywood University.

Marywood University’s faculty development policies rest on certain principles.

  1. There is a crucial need for ongoing faculty development both on the part of the individual and of the institution.  Ongoing faculty development, so essential to the individual, is likewise enriching to the institution, improving the quality of education the University will offer its students.

  2. The responsibility for faculty development is twofold.

    Individual faculty members are ultimately responsible for their continuing professional development.  Insofar as it is to be supported by Marywood University, the goals of individuals should be set in the context of the goals of their departments and the goals of the University.

    Marywood University has a responsibility to help provide enabling conditions to its faculty for their ongoing professional development.  This implies a commitment to make funds available and to use the financial resources for faculty development to the greatest benefit of all.

  3. Faculty development needs are as diverse as is the Marywood faculty.  Thus, support for faculty development should be allocated in ways that recognize and respect this diversity. These may include, but are not limited to, scholarly/creative activity, presentations at disciplinary, higher education, and/or pedagogical conferences; attendance at workshops/trainings to enhance pedagogy or clinical skills related to job duties at Marywood; data gathering for scholarship/creative activities.

Faculty Development Budgeting

Specifically, faculty development at Marywood can be financially supported in three ways:  in the department budget, by the faculty development program, and through sabbatical leaves. Sabbatical leave funding is elaborated in the Sabbatical Leave for Faculty Policy.

Departmental budget and the faculty development budget should collaborate to cover expenses for activities noted above. Accurate budgeting of these expenses is the responsibility of the chairperson in collaboration with the departmental faculty, and is reviewed and approved by the Dean of the College.

The amount of funds available for distribution by the Faculty Development Committee is (a) recommended annually by the Provost, b) annually allocated proportionately to the full time faculty in each College/Library, and (c) approved/adjusted by the Board of Trustees.  These Faculty Development funds supplement departmental budgets.

Faculty members who receive funding for summer study and who do not return to Marywood during the subsequent academic year are liable for repayment of the funds.


Acquiring Faculty Development Committee Funds:

Distribution of Faculty Development monies to the faculty is determined by faculty-informed proposal, review, and approval processes within each College/Library.  These will include required information, criteria on which to base decisions, parameters of types of proposals accepted, and other processes determined important and relevant by each College/Library’s faculty in consultation with the Dean/Director.

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07/01/89 – Reaffirmed with publication of Faculty Manual 2.9
07/01/91 – Reaffirmed with publication of Faculty Manual 2.9
07/01/93 – Reaffirmed with publication of Faculty Manual 2.9
07/01/95 – Reaffirmed with publication of Faculty Manual 2.9
07/01/98 – Reaffirmed with publication of Faculty Manual 2.9
07/01/00 – Reaffirmed with publication of Faculty Manual 2.9
07/01/02 – Reaffirmed with publication of Faculty Manual 2.9
07/01/03 – Correction:  Responsibility for granting sabbaticals changed from Board of Trustees to President of the University.  Granting sabbaticals is not listed in the Bylaws among the powers and duties of the Board.  It is customary, however, for the President of the University to inform the Board about the sabbaticals s/he has approved.
07/01/03 – Reaffirmed with publication of Faculty Handbook 2.9
03/09/18 – The Faculty Development Policy was revised to align with the recently revised Faculty Development Committee Description.  The proposal for revision was approved by the President of the University as recommended by the Policy Committee of the University.