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Personnel Records of Faculty Members

Policy Statement

Official personnel records are maintained in Human Resources and are protected by the Privacy Act.  The President of the University, Provost, appropriate Dean and individual Faculty Member have access to the Faculty Member's file.  The file remains in the possession of the University.

Pre-employment records, which include a resume, official transcripts, letters of recommendation and other pertinent information relevant to employment, are kept on file in  the Provost's office until a formal letter of agreement is signed, at which time the file is forwarded to Human Resources.

In addition personnel files are maintained in other administrative offices such as the Provost, the Dean and the Department Chair.  Copies of recommendations of chairs, deans and the Rank and Tenure Committee for pre-tenure review, and promotion/tenure are kept on file in the office of the Provost.

Faculty Members may submit any material to their files that they consider appropriate.  If a Faculty Member believes that something in the file is inaccurate he or she can bring the matter to the record holder who would then consult with the author of the document(s) in question to determine if a retraction is in order.

In the event that the author of the document(s) is no longer associated with the University or is otherwise unavailable, then the person who currently holds the position has authority to respond to a Faculty Member's request for retraction or clarification. If the person currently occupying the position is unable to appropriately address the Faculty Member's request for retraction or clarification, then the Faculty Member can request that a statement be included in his or her record stating succinctly the reasons for disagreement.

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07/01/89 - Reaffirmed with publication of Faculty Manual
04/29/11 - Revision approved by the President as recommended by the Policy Committee of the University.