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Policy Statement

The Board of Trustees of Marywood University, in adopting this Code of Conduct, believes that acceptance of membership on the Board embodies the following intent:

  1. to become familiar with and committed to the major responsibilities of a governing board -

    to elect the president;
    to support the president in the role of chief executive officer;
    to evaluate the president's performance;
    to define the mission of the University;
    to engage in the policy direction of the University;
    to approve strategic plans of the University;
    to approve educational programs;
    to act prudently in managing the financial affairs of the University;
    to preserve institutional independence;
    to promote the public image of the University;
    to interpret the large community's expectations to the University;
    to serve as a court of appeal;
    to assess the Board's own performance;

  2. to support the institution's fund-raising efforts through personal giving, in accordance with one's means, to both annual fund and capital fund drives;
  3. to devote time to learn how the institution functions - its uniqueness, strengths, and needs - and its place in higher education;
  4. to prepare carefully for, regularly attend, and actively participate in Board meetings and committee assignments;
  5. to accept and abide by the legal and fiscal responsibilities of the Board, as specified by institutional charter, bylaws, statutes, and regulations;
  6. to vote according to one's individual conviction, to challenge the judgment of others when necessary; yet to be willing to support the majority decision of the Board and work with fellow Board members in a spirit of cooperation;
  7. to maintain the confidential nature of Board deliberations, and to avoid acting as spokesperson for the entire Board unless specifically authorized to do so;
  8. to understand the role of the Board as a policy-making body;
  9. to use proper institutional channels when conducting Board business;
  10. to comply with the Conflict of Interest Policy for Trustees developed by the Board;
  11. to refrain from actions and involvements that might reflect adversely on the institution, and to resign if such actions or involvements develop;
  12. to make judgments always on the basis of what is best for Marywood University as a whole and the advancement of education.



04/15/89 - Adopted by the Board of Trustees
04/18/98 - Reviewed and reaffirmed by Board of Trustees
10/24/98 - Reaffirmed and placed in Board of Trustees Manual