Marywood University Policy & Procedure Information

Trustee Code of Conduct

Policy Statement

The Board of Trustees of Marywood University, in adopting this Code of Conduct, believes that acceptance of membership on the Board embodies the following intent:

  1. to become familiar with and committed to the major responsibilities of a governing board -

    to elect the president;
    to support the president in the role of chief executive officer;
    to evaluate the president's performance;
    to define the mission of the University;
    to engage in the policy direction of the University;
    to approve strategic plans of the University;
    to approve educational programs;
    to act prudently in managing the financial affairs of the University;
    to preserve institutional independence;
    to promote the public image of the University;
    to interpret the large community's expectations to the University;
    to serve as a court of appeal;
    to assess the Board's own performance;

  2. to support the institution's fund-raising efforts through personal giving, in accordance with one's means, to both annual fund and capital fund drives;
  3. to devote time to learn how the institution functions - its uniqueness, strengths, and needs - and its place in higher education;
  4. to prepare carefully for, regularly attend, and actively participate in Board meetings and committee assignments;
  5. to accept and abide by the legal and fiscal responsibilities of the Board, as specified by institutional charter, bylaws, statutes, and regulations;
  6. to vote according to one's individual conviction, to challenge the judgment of others when necessary; yet to be willing to support the majority decision of the Board and work with fellow Board members in a spirit of cooperation;
  7. to maintain the confidential nature of Board deliberations, and to avoid acting as spokesperson for the entire Board unless specifically authorized to do so;
  8. to understand the role of the Board as a policy-making body;
  9. to use proper institutional channels when conducting Board business;
  10. to comply with the Conflict of Interest Policy for Trustees developed by the Board;
  11. to refrain from actions and involvements that might reflect adversely on the institution, and to resign if such actions or involvements develop;
  12. to make judgments always on the basis of what is best for Marywood University as a whole and the advancement of education.


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04/15/89 - Adopted by the Board of Trustees
04/18/98 - Reviewed and reaffirmed by Board of Trustees
10/24/98 - Reaffirmed and placed in Board of Trustees Manual