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Policy Statement

Employees are expected to handle all Marywood University property with respect and care. They are prohibited from using Marywood University property for unauthorized personal use, and from stealing or destroying it.

To protect the Marywood community and the University from theft, Marywood University reserves the right to search employees and their personal property when there is reason to believe that such search may indicate whether the law or University policy is being violated. The University will exercise discretion in determining who will perform searches.

Marywood University also reserves the right to conduct unannounced searches of University facilities and property, e.g., University vehicles, desks, file cabinets, lockers, etc. Searches of University facilities and property, including University property in the possession of the employee, can be conducted at any time with the prior approval of an executive officer or his or her designee.

Employees are expected to cooperate in the conducting of all such searches.

Violations will be dealt with under the Code of Conduct for Non-faculty Employees policy or the Progressive Discipline policy for faculty, and may include warnings, suspension, termination, and/or legal prosecution.

Upon termination of employment, all Marywood University property must be returned to the University.

Marywood University is not responsible for personal property that employees bring to work.


The following list, although not exhaustive, is illustrative of what is considered to be Marywood University property when purchased by the University: infrastructure; furniture and office furnishings, office, lab, studio, or video equipment; tools; files; computers and attached peripherals, software, systems information; phones; data stored on Marywood University computers or phones; books; books and audio and visual tapes, records, and discs; and any other intellectual property owned or co-owned by Marywood University.

Related Policies


04/07/00 - Approved by the President of the University as recommended by the Policy Committee of the University