Transferring to Another Department

Policy Statement

Regular employees who have completed a year of service may apply for other job openings on campus through the Human Resources Department.  It is expected that those who seek to transfer will have given serious consideration to the move before the application is submitted.  Requests for transfers are kept confidential.

Ordinarily, employees may transfer no more than once every six months.  In exceptional cases, the appropriate vice president may intervene and endorse an early transfer for an employee.

A transferring employee is subject to the University's Introductory Period of Employment policy.


Applications are made through the Human Resources Department.

A transferring employee is responsible for notifying his or her current supervisor after a job offer has been accepted.

It is the employee's responsibility to give notice according to the provisions of the University's Employment At-will Relationship policy.

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07/01/91 - Reaffirmed with publication of the Personnel Manual
01/16/06 - Review and update approved by the President of the University