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Diana Yarzagaray Rustlin' Up Wisdom at Texas A&M

Diana Yarzagaray

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Philosophy major Diana Yarzagaray, class of 2013, began her first year in the Philosophy Ph.D. Program at Texas A&M University in the Fall of 2013. While at Marywood, Ms. Yarzagaray took courses in Animal Ethics, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Psychology, Existentialism, and many others. During her time at MU, Diana was active at conferences and was even invited to be on the editorial board of a prominent student journal. Of her experiences with us in the Philosophy Department at Marywood, she says:

"I have grown as a student and as a writer thanks to the personal attention students like myself receive from the professors. They are always willing to give their time to discussion and they make sure students know that they are available to meet to discuss grades, ideas, and other student concerns."

We in the Philosophy Department are very proud of you and your accomplishments Diana, and know you will flourish in the next chapter of your philosophical life at Texas A&M!