Ph.D. Program: Internship Opportunities


Internship is an elective, 3.0 credit course. The experience provides the student with an opportunity to explore career interests while applying knowledge and skills learned in class to a work setting. The experience also helps students gain a clearer sense of what they still need to learn and provides an opportunity to build professional networks. The Internship will provide students with the opportunity to: 

A) Gain practical experience within the administrative environment.

B) Acquire knowledge of the industry in which the internship is conducted.

C) Apply knowledge and skills learned in class to a work setting.

D) Develop a greater understanding about career options while more clearly defining personal career goals.

E) Experience the activities and functions of business professionals.

F) Develop and refine oral and written communication skills.

G) Identify areas for future knowledge and skill development.

A student interested in an Internship must obtain approval by the Program Director prior to seeking Internship, provide the Director with a letter of acceptance from an organization identified as the site for Internship, and sign a contract that includes the Program Director and the prospect work supervisor's signatures. A minimum of 250 hours are required for an Internship.

Ph.D. Internship/Practicum Guide