Does Marywood offer graduate assistantships?

Students enrolled in the PhD program may apply for a graduate assistantship each academic year. Applications are available through the Office of Enrollment Management. The process is competitive.

When are courses offered and what is the cost?

Some courses are offered on weekday evenings during the fall and spring semesters, with many courses offered as hybrid or online formats to fit the hours of working professionals. The cost per credit is $900.

If admitted to the program, can I defer my admissions offer?

You may defer your offer of admissions for up to 1 calendar year, however a formal approval by the Ph.D. Program Director is required. If an applicant is considering deferment, then a formal meeting must be held between the applicant and the Ph.D. Program Director to discuss the reason for the request, and to discuss possible circumstances that may arise from the deferment, which may include: (1) no guaranteed seat in the following academic year; (2) possible changes in the tuition cost; and (3) possible changes in the curriculum or design of the program. If a deferment is granted, then the student may defer. After that time, then you must reapply through the Office of Graduate Admissions.

Is the GRE required for admission?

No. We recently revised our general admissions requirements and the GRE is waived if the following two criteria are met: (1) earned Master's degree within the last 5 years at the time of application and (2) Master's cumulative QPA of 3.50 or higher. If a student does not meet these two criteria, then only a GRE or MAT score taken within 5 years of the application deadline set by the Graduate Admissions Office will be accepted. The minimum GRE scores to be eligible for our Ph.D. Program are: Verbal = 146, Quantitative = 144, and Analytical Writing = 3.3. The minimum MAT scaled score is 400.

Can I earn my Superintendent Letter of Eligibility or Principle Certification while enrolled in the Ph.D. Program?

Yes. Students can opt to earn their Superintendent's Letter of Eligibility or Principal Certification while enrolled in the Ph.D. Program. The required doctoral courses: D/HD 1021, 1030, 1150, & 1152 (12 credits) are part of the applied interdisciplinary core and can be applied toward earning the Superintendent's Letter of Eligibility. These courses substitute for: EDUC 605, 606, 607, & 608. New doctoral students opting to pursue the letter of eligibility would then be required to take 6 additional credits (not applicable to the Ph.D. Program) over the summer sessions. In the case of earning Principal Certification, the required doctoral courses: D/HD 1030, 1109, and D/OL 1162 (9 credits) can be applied and substitute for the following education courses: EDUC 551, 549, and 545. The student would then be responsible for completing 9 additional course credits outside of the Ph.D. Program: Curriculum Planning for Schools (EDUC 547), Supervision and Evaluation of Instruction (EDUC 548), and Administrative Internship (EDUC 593).

I've taken graduate courses at another institution. Can I transfer those credits to this program?

Normally no advanced standing nor transfer credits will be accepted, however in special circumstances where students have completed successfully a comparable doctoral level graduate course at another regionally-accredited college or university, a petition may be made to the Program Director after two (2) semesters the student has matriculated in the Ph.D. Program at Marywood University. 

How many courses must I take during a semester?

Upon acceptance into the program, a student will be required to follow either a 4-year or a 6-year course plan to maintain a cohort model within the program. Students will complete 36 course credits that includes all of their core interdisciplinary, applied core interdisciplinary, and research courses before they are eligible to enter qualifying experience. Continous registration is expected throughout the program. 

Are scholarships available?

Yes, there is a scholarship fund dedicated to Ph.D. students. Each year, at least 70% of Ph.D. students who apply for a scholarship receive an award. Applications are available through the Office of Enrollment Management.

Is there a comprehensive exam?

Yes, you must complete a written and oral exam to qualify for Ph.D. candidacy. The written component of the exam asks for an interdisciplinary response to a question of your choice. The resulting written work, approximately 20 pages, is reviewed blindly by three faculty members. If your paper is deemed satisfactory, you must then orally present it to the review committee.

How much time do I have to complete the program?

All course work must be completed within 7 years.