Credit Transfer


The PhD program in Strategic Leadership and Administrative Studies (SLAS) accepts the transfer of applicable and qualified master-level credits to the program. The following conditions must apply:

    1. Up to 12 credits (4 eligible courses) can be approved for transfer.  
    2. Credits excluded from transfer are those applying toward: Quantitative Research Design,Advanced Quantitative Research, Statistical AnalysisQualifying Seminar, Pre-Dissertation Seminar, and Dissertation.
    3. Transferred credits must precisely apply toward existing courses in the SLAS program and have to be approved by the Program Director.
    4. Practicum, capstones/thesis, clinical, and non-related/ non-applicable courses to the program and its field of study in administration and leadership are not considered.
    5. Grade of any requested transferred course must be B or higher.
    6. A student must be fully admitted and enrolled in the SLAS Program before applying for credit transfer.
    7. An accepted applicant who is not yet fully enrolled in the program cannot request credits transfer. However, an accepted applicant may ask for an evaluation of specific master-level courses that target identified SLAS courses in order to assess how many of them are eligible for transfer once enrolled. 
    8. It is the responsibility of the enrolled student to identify the credits he/she wants to transfer and the corresponding (targeted) SLAS credits by completing a Credit Transfer Form (available at the Registrar's web page). The form then must be reviewed and approved by the Program Director before submitting it to the Registrar.