Program Structure

Marywood's online Ph.D. in Administration & Leadership program is 60 credits, however up to 12 Master's level course credits may be applied upon acceptance of students into the program and based on the discretion of the Ph.D. Program Director: (1) Law & Public Policy, (2) Finance & Strategic Planning, (3) Qualitative Methodology, and (4) Communication Theory & Organizational Dynamics. These four courses are offered each academic year in several Marywood University Master's programs within the departments of Business, Public Administration, and Education. Students who do not have these 12 transfer credits will be required to take them as part of the program.

Dependent upon the number of Master's credits transferred to the program, students can earn their doctoral degree within 3 years. Click here to view our program course sequence.

Because this is an online program, students are required to participate in an extended weekend residency on campus during the summer session each academic year.  Continuous registration each semester is required.

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Cross Disciplinary Courses (30 Credits)

D/AL 1031  Diversity & Social Justice (fall)
D/AL 1100  Ethical Foundations of Administration & Leadership (summer I)
D/AL 1012  Communication Theory & Organizational Dynamics (spring)
D/AL 1030  Financial & Strategic Planning (fall)
D/AL 1109  Law & Public Policy (fall)
D/AL 1112  The Grantsmanship Process (fall)
D/AL 1140  Program Development & Evaluation (spring)
D/AL 1151  Academic Writing (spring)
D/AL 1152  Internship/Practicum (spring)
D/AL 1164  Organizational Leadership Theory & Research (summer II)

Research Courses (12 Credits)

D/HD 1011  Advanced Statistical Analysis I (fall)
D/HD 1013  Applied Statistical Analysis II (spring)
D/HD 1015  Qualitative Methodology (spring)
D/HD 1017  Quantitative Methodology (fall)

Qualifying Experience (6 Credits)

D/AL 1049 Qualifying Paper (summer I)
D/AL 1050 Qualifying Presentation (summer II)                        

Dissertation Seminar (3 Credits) + Dissertation (9 Credits)

D/AL 1051 Selected Topics: Dissertation Seminar (summer I) -- taken after completing all coursework (48 credits)