PhD Program

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Program Overview

Marywood University's online Ph.D. Program in Administration & Leadership uses a cross-disciplinary approach to master administrative and leadership skills that are necessary for mid-level working professionals to advance their careers in business, education, healthcare, social services, and government organizations. The program combines the hallmarks of more traditional doctorates, including an emphasis on research and provides scholarly opportunities for those seeking employment in higher education.

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Cross-Disciplinary Approach

The online Ph.D. Program at Marywood features a cross-disciplinary focus that encourages students to analyze multiple points of view, make creative connections across academic disciplines, and prepare students to further develop their understanding of ethical considerations related to administration and leadership roles.


Marywood's online Ph.D. Program prepares students to address the complex challenges of the 21st century and provides administrative and leadership development in a variety of professional settings with a commitment to expertise, ethics, and empathy in an interconnected world.

Expert Faculty

Expert Marywood faculty from a variety of disciplines are engaged in the Ph.D. Program as course instructors, mentors, exam reviewers, and dissertation committee members.

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