Ph.D. in Strategic Leadership and Administrative Studies


"A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for." (John A. Shedd)

Welcome to the PhD Program in Strategic Leadership and Administrative Studies at Marywood University. A doctoral program designed for professional adults by accommodating their contemporary busy lifestyle while providing cutting-edge, innovative and cost-effective quality education. A completely online program with executive-type curriculum structured for the development of strategic leadership and administrative skills in a research-oriented doctoral studies.   

The program builds on the sailing ship mantra stated above by enhancing students' abilities to meet and overcome organizational challenges, build the right team, embrace innovation and drive transformational change through successful, continuous, accountable, ethical and goal-driven performance. It uses an innovative and dynamic approach to articulate administrative and leadership skills necessary for advancement in professional organizations while combining the hallmarks of traditional doctorate studies with emphasis on applied and evidence-based research while providing scholarly opportunities for those seeking careers in higher education.

Apply today and join a dynamic team of innovators that bring the science and practice of strategic leadership and administrative studies into a new height. Here are some of the reasons for you to consider Marywood University's PhD Program in Strategic Leadership and Administrative Studies:

  • Accredited university.
  • Outstanding faculty.
  • Cutting-edge, streamlined and dynamic curriculum. 
  • Only 60 credit hours consist of 15 courses, a qualifying seminar, a pre-dissertation seminar, and 9 dissertation credits.
  • Completely online.
  • Open enrollment throughout the academic year.
  • Free admissions.
  • No GRE or standardized tests required. 
  • Full or part-time studies.
  • Sequential courses.
  • Summer classes.
  • Eligible and applicable master-level credits are considered for transfer.
  • Cost effective.
  • Excellent advising.
  • Apply TODAY 

PhD 3

From sailing in uncharted seas to landing in safety, a successful leader knows where a ship's direction is going and how to respond during each navigational phase. Such a leader can align the crew behind vision and strategy and turn the ship when it is time for a new direction.