Personnel Handbook Policy

Order Cor Mariae-Pro Fide et Cultura

Policy Statement

Membership in the Order Cor Mariae-Pro Fide et Cultura is ordinarily awarded to full-time faculty members and administrators who will have completed twenty cumulative full-time years of service during the year of induction into the Order. It expresses the esteem and appreciation of the University for the individual's years of faithful service.

A citation is presented with a commemorative medal of gold or silver. The University seal is imposed on a gold sunburst for full-time service, or on a silver sunburst for full-time pro rata service. The medal is suspended from a green and white ribbon, the official colors of the University. It is worn atop the hood at University functions when academic attire is prescribed.

The award entitles the bearer to use the initials C.M.F.C. in official listings and publications of the University.

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Inauguration of the Order Cor Mariae-Pro Fide et Cultura 1966
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