Policy Statement

When employees use their personal vehicles for Marywood University business, the University will reimburse them at the Standard IRS Mileage Rate. This mileage reimbursement rate, according to IRS, is intended to adequately reimburse employees for the costs of operating their personal vehicles. Expenses covered by this rate include the costs of gasoline, maintenance and repairs, tires, oil, insurance, depreciation, and registration fees.

Employees are responsible for carrying adequate insurance coverage on their automobiles, because the employee has primary responsibility for any damage or loss resulting from an accident when using a personal vehicle for University business. Employees should address insurance related questions regarding the use of personal vehicles for their job to their own insurance agents


A request for reimbursement is made by means of a travel form provided by the Fiscal Affairs Office. The reimbursement rate is per mile driven and is subject to change with the Standard IRS Mileage Rate.

Approved by the the President of the University 2000