Personnel Handbook Policy

Excused Absences for Special Circumstances

Policy Statement

Regular full-time and regular part-time employees are granted time off with pay for the following special circumstances, whenever these occurrences coincide with normal work days:

            death in the immediate family -- 3 days per occurrence
            death in extended family -- 2 days per occurrence
            military duty -- 2 weeks for maneuvers
            jury duty -- as required
            emergency community service --10 days per fiscal year

The President of the University will determine the number of days that the University will be closed between Christmas Eve and New Year's Day.  The days will be announced at the beginning of the academic year and may vary depending on University needs.  They will not be counted toward the calculation of premium overtime.  In the event an exempt employee is required to work, as directed by the supervisor, the employee may take those days later in the same fiscal year, with the approval of the immediate supervisor.


Immediate family:  spouse, biological or adoptive parent, sibling, and child or adult in a child-parent relationship

Extended family:  in-law, grandparent or child, niece or nephew, aunt or uncle

Payment for jury duty is the difference between jury payment and regular wages.


A receipt is required for payment for jury duty.

An employee who renders emergency community service, such as Red Cross, firefighting, disaster relief, etc., must present a receipt from the sponsoring organization. Extraordinary situations are dealt with on an individual basis.

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