What is PASS?

 Personal and Academic Success Services (PASS) was created by the Department of Psychology and Counseling in collaboration with the Office of Retention and Advising to provide free counseling services to undergraduate students with adjustment, academic, and career concerns. Counseling services are provided by graduate students enrolled in the Mental Health Counseling program under the supervision of a counseling faculty member. 

How long is a session and how frequently do I meet with my PASS counselor?

Sessions are 50-minutes long. Students are recommended to meet weekly with their PASS counselor. 

Is my information confidential?

PASS counselors and supervisors take confidentiality very seriously. Counselors and counselors-in-training are bound by legal and ethical codes that protect client information.  Your PASS counselor cannot share your information with other counseling professionals or school faculty without your documented consent.  PASS counselors are graduate students-in-training; therefore, it is required by law that they receive supervision from the counseling program’s faculty.   PASS counselors will ask their clients for permission to video or audio record sessions for the purpose of counselor training. Recording is required to receive services through PASS.

Additional Confidentiality Information: The American Counseling Association(ACA) states specific ethical codes by which counselors and supervisors must abide. To view these ethical codes, visit the ACA website http://www.counseling.org/

What is the cost?

There is no cost for counseling or assessment services provided through PASS.