2013 Goals and Outcomes (A3.14 b)


1. To provide students with the knowledge, skills, and experience to be successful, competent Physician Assistants.

• The 2013 first time pass-rate was 92%, the highest of the last three years.

• The course and teaching evaluations of all didactic year courses were rated (on average) 4.5 of 5.0 for all classes in 2012.

• 99% of all clinical preceptors indicated the PA students demonstrated excellent or very good professional skills during the clinical phase

in 2013.

• Recent graduates rated their preparedness as a PA by Marywood University as good and very good.


2. To prepare students to participate as effective members of an interdisciplinary healthcare team in the promotion of health, prevention of illness and

care of diverse populations across the lifespan.

• 100% of recent graduates surveyed rated their preparedness to be an effective member of a healthcare team by Marywood University as

good, very good or excellent.

• Over 90% of students were rated as good, very good, or excellent by their clinical preceptors in relation to their effectiveness as a

healthcare team member.


3. To develop effective interpersonal and communication skills within the medical community.

• Recent graduates surveyed rated their satisfaction of their development of effective communication skills as a 4.4 of 5.0, or between

satisfied and highly satisfied.

• Over 95% of clinical preceptors indicated the PA students had very good or excellent communication skills during the clinical phase.


4. To encourage students to incorporate Marywood University’s goal of learning to live and practice medicine responsibly in an interdependent world.

• The Class of 2012 rated their satisfaction with “education to work as part of a medical team” and “skills needed to effectively

communicate with patients, families and other members of the team” on average as a 4.4 of 5.


5. Develop as professionals and leaders at the local, state, and national level, shaping future policy and legislation to promote Physician Assistant


• The Class of 2012 rated their satisfaction with their “development of professional behaviors” on average as a 4.5 (satisfied and highly

satisfied) of 5.