2014 Goals and Outcomes (A3.14 b)


  • To provide students with the knowledge, skills, and experience to be successful, competent Physician Assistants. 
  • The 2014 first time pass-rate was 95%.
  • Recent graduates rated their preparedness as a PA by Marywood University as good, very good and excellent. 


  • To prepare students to participate as effective members of an interdisciplinary healthcare team in the promotion of health, prevention of illness and care of diverse populations across the lifespan.
  • 100% of recent graduates surveyed rated their preparedness to be an effective member of a healthcare team by Marywood University as good, very good or excellent.
  • Preceptor evaluations indicated the students' ability to be an interdisciplinary team member as excellent or good. 


  • To develop effective interpersonal and communication skills within the medical community.
  • Over 95% of clinical preceptors indicated the PA students had very good or excellent communication skills during the clinical phase in 2014. 


  • To encourage students to incorporate Marywood University’s goal of learning to live and practice medicine responsibly in an interdependent world. 
  • 100% of students complete community experiences as part of a service learning components of clinical correlations course. 


  • Develop as professionals and leaders at the local, state, and national level, shaping future policy and legislation to promote Physician Assistant practice. 
  • 100% of PA students participate in community service and awareness events through the MU PA Student Society.