Fall Welcome: FAQ

When will I get my Student ID?

Marywood Student ID's are passed out during Fall Welcome in your Small Group Sessions. If for some reason you do not receive your ID during Fall Welcome, you are able to pick it up at the ID Card Office, located at the front desk of Madonna Hall after the weekend festivities have concluded.

What activities happen during Fall Welcome?

Before the upperclassmen arrive on campus, we want to give you the low-down on your new home and help you make some great friends along the way!

Fall Welcome is full of a variety of activities that range from a fun "Salsa Magic" show, to "How To" Moodle/MarywooYOU Portal sessions, find-your-classroom tours, activities with your Small Group, and fun evening entertainment, including a huge bonfire! 

Do commuter students need to come to Fall Welcome?


All first year students should take part in Fall Welcome. The program is geared to acclimating both commuter and residential students to the campus surroundings. On Sunday, August 26th, commuters should expect to arrive on campus for activities throughout the day, beginning at 10am. Commuter students are not expected to attend Fall Welcome on Saturday, August 25th unless they are interested in participating in the evening social activities, starting at 9pm in Nazareth Hall.

If I am a commuter, do I need a parking pass for Fall Welcome?


Marywood has a relaxed parking policy on campus for the first week of school. We know you are getting acclimated and have other things on your mind. Marywood Campus Safety does not issue parking tickets for the first week of school, or the week leading up to the first week of school. Just be sure that you do not park in a handicapped parking space!

Park in any lot for Fall Welcome Weekend- we've got you covered!

What time do families or guests need to leave on Move-In Day?

We ask that all families and guests leave campus no later than 2:00pm on the Saturday of move-in (August 25, 2018).

At 3:00pm, students will have their first resident meeting, in which they will meet their Resident Assistant and other students living on their floor!

What is the difference between Summer Orientation and Fall Welcome?

New Student Orientation is a 1.5 day, overnight program that is specific to our incoming first year students. During New Student Orientation, incoming students and their families have the opportunity to make friends, become acquainted with campus, and learn about a range of topics, including financial aid, student life, work study, and other important information. It is during this time where all students receive their class schedules, meet with their advisor, and formally go through the academic advising process.

Fall Welcome is comprised of various festivities for first year students only. As an extension of New Student Orientation, first year students who will reside on campus move into their residence hall on Saturday. The rest of the time filled with social activities, informational sessions, and acclimation to the campus and it's resources. During this time, students will receive their student ID's and any other final paperwork needed before the start of the fall semester.

 * Fall Welcome festivities are highly encouraged for all residential and commuter students to attend, but it is not mandatory. *
When do returning students/upperclassmen return to campus?

Upperclassmen are able to move back into the residence halls on Sunday, August 26, 2018. Any accommodations for early arrival must be requested and approved through the Office of Housing and Residence Life prior to their arrival.