Microsoft Word Workshops

Long Documents

Prior planning is vital when creating and organizing long documents.  Do you need a cover page?  How about a table of contents?  What about page numbers and/or headers or footers?  Will different sections of your document require different formatting?  What about chapter or other types of headings and sub-headings?  Attractive documents result from foresight and successful utilization of many of these built-in functions.

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Track Changes

The Track Changes feature in Word allows users to collaborate on a document and view recommended revisions.  Markups are inserted to show where deletions, insertions, and formatting changes are made.  They stay in the document until accepted or rejected.

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A table is made up of rows, columns and cells, and is an excellent way to present certain kinds of information, particularly meeting minutes.  Tables can be created in several ways, including creating them from scratch and converting text into a table.  A more advanced (but more precise) way would be to “draw” the table by hand yourself.

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