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Peer-to-Peer Policy Statement


Marywood University prohibits Peer to Peer (P2P) network traffic from the campus network because of its widespread use in distributing illegal or copyrighted material. The Office of Information Technology reserves the right to remove any computer in question from the network entirely if it is found to be distributing or collecting illegal or copyrighted material, or using excessive amounts of network bandwidth to the detriment of other computers on the network.


On the Internet, P2P is a type of transient Internet network that allows a group of computer users with the same networking program to connect with each other and directly access files from one another's hard drives. The files can include music, videos, photos, games and other files.

These P2P programs include, but are not limited to, BitTorrent, Limewire, Gnutella, Vuze, Ares and Ants. Marywood University blocks the use of peer-to-peer applications on all network segments. The use of these applications can expose considerable vulnerabilities. P2P networks have been used to distribute viruses, malware and corrupted or mislabeled files, a threat that can severely impact university operations and online academic research. Malware exposure is a primary staging platform for identity and electronic financial theft.

Marywood University expects that all computers and networks on the campus will be used in a manner consistent with the Conditions of Computer Use Policy and compliant with applicable law. Marywood University is under no obligation to protect a user from a complaint or action arising from violation, or alleged violation, of the law. Users should understand that the fact that material is available for free on the Internet does not mean that accessing such material is authorized by third party rights-holders.

Marywood University prohibits the download and distribution of any copyrighted material, such as music, video, photos and software. Disproportionate bandwidth usage and copyright infringement are violations of the University's Conditions of Computer Use Policy.

The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA)

This act requires institutions of higher education to develop and implement a written plan to effectively combat the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material by users of the institution's network. 

Please visit Respect Copyrights, a web site that summarizes the relevant provisions of the HEOA in more detail.

There are three primary requirements:

1 - An annual disclosure to students describing copyright law and campus policies related to violating them.

Marywood University informs its student body of the law and policies in the form of an e-mail sent from the CIO's Office.

2 - A plan to effectively combat copyright abuse on the campus network using technology-based deterrents.

Marywood University accomplishes this in the form of firewalls.

3 - Agreement to offer alternatives to illegal downloading.

see right column.


Some legal alternatives for downloading: TV Shows    
[adult swim] Video       
Amazon MP3 Downloads      
Amazon Video on Demand
AOL Video
ARTISTdirect Network
BET Music                      
Blockbuster Online                  
Bravo Videos             
Cartoon Network Videos            
CBS Video           
CD Baby               
Christian MP Free               
Comedy Central Video          
Criterion Online          
The CW Video           
Dimple Records            
Disney Videos                 
Elastic Jamroom          
The Electric Fetus            
Film Fresh              
Fox on Demand            
FX Networks Video            
Gallery of Sound          
HBO GO    
Hulu Movies & TV          
iMDb Video        
Independent Records & Videos
LifeWay Music       
Liquid Digital Media      
MTV Hive              
MTV Shows        
Music Millenium            
Muve Music     
Lifetime Video    
MySpace Video               
NBC Video            
Netflix Movies & TV    
Neurotic Media Videos       
Nick Jr. Video       
PBS Kids Go! Video     
Public Domain Torrents          
RCRD LBL       
Record & Tape Traders            
Redbox Instant        
Road Runner Video Store                  
South Park Episode Player          
TBS Videos    
Thumbplay Music       
TNT Drama     
Top Hits Entertainment     
TVLand Video     
USA Network Videos     
VH1 Videos    
Walmart Movies & TV           
Windows Media Guide     
Xbox Live         


The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is located on the Terrace Floor of Immaculata Hall
Contact the office at (570) 340-6048.

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