IT - Frequently Asked Questions

Spam / Phishing E-mails I think I've received a SPAM e-mail. Who should I tell?

Please do not respond to e-mails requesting You To:

  • Renew, update, or validate your account.
  • Make easy money.
  • Verify your information.

Do not click on links in suspicious e-mails

What is Suspicious? 

  • Unsolicited e-mails from someone you don't know.
  • E-mails requesting any personal information.
  • Unsolicited e-mails with links in them.
  • "Get rich quick" e-mails.
  • E-mails requesting you to update/refresh/renew/validate your account.

If you think the e-mail is questionable enough to e-mail us about it, then it is SPAM or a PHISHING e-mail.  Mark it as SPAM in Google gmail.


No legitimate educational institution, government agency, company, or person will send you an e-mail requesting personal information or include a link in the e-mail requesting such information.

  • Do not click on links in suspicious e-mails.
  • Do not forward the e-mail to IT or another person asking if it is SPAM.  It probably is SPAM.  Mark it as SPAM.
  • Do not reply to an email promising you easy money.  If the offer is too good to be true then it is a scam.

These types of email would not exist if no one responded to them. One of the best ways we can fight them as a community is to be vigilant and mark them as Spam when we receive them.