Manage your Pacer Points Online

We are happy to announce a new service. You can now buy Pacer Points online, check your point balance, report a lost ID card, get a report of your Pacer Point transactions, and even invite others to deposit to your account through an easy to use secure interface.

How To Manage Pacer Points (PDF)

In order to add/buy Pacer Points, just log in to the Marywoodyou portal. On the right side of the home page you will see a section called "Manage your Pacer Points". In that section is a link called "Manage your Pacer Points".

As part of this announcement you can now use Pacer Points in the Marywood Bookstore using your Marywood ID card.

Additionally, in the very near future we will be transitioning GoPrint and Copiers to use Pacer Points, you will not need to use copy cards.

John B Porter
Director of Operations, OIT