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The Nutrition and Wellness track provides a broad curriculum that includes both liberal arts and nutrition, science, and health courses. This educational framework provides the knowledge, skills, and values needed for entry into graduate school or a career in nutrition and wellness.

The Nutrition and Wellness track is not accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education of The American Dietetic Association, and it does not lead to an accredited internship. Students in this track are not eligible to sit for the registration examination.

Students typically select the Nutrition and Wellness track at the end of their sophomore year.

Course Name Number Title Credits
ND 101 A&B Nutrition Topics and Skills 1
ND 103 Basic and Culinary Foods 3
ND 112 Nutrition I 3
ND 138 Food Safety 1
ND 203 Food Science and Technology 3
ND 211 Nutrition Education 3
ND 213 Nutrition II 3
ND 223 Social and Cultural Aspects of Food 3
ND 300 Theory of Medical Nutrition Therapy I 4
ND 301 A,B,C Theory of Food Systems Management I 4.5
ND 312 Community Nutrition 2
ND 331 Sports Nutrition In Health Promotion 3
ND 420 Theory of Medical Nutrition Theraphy II 6
ND 465 Research in Nutrition and Dietetics