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Nutrition & Dietetics: Family & Consumer Sciences


The Family and Consumer Sciences program is a comprehensive, experience-based program that prepares graduates for teaching at the elementary and secondary (K-12) level.

The program focuses on teaching behaviors, theories, and practices that enhance communication and teaching skills in the classroom:

  • Teaching-learning processes
  • Curriculum planning
  • Teaching strategies
  • Self-evaluation
  • Laboratory work

The program leads to certification by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to teach family and consumer sciences in K-12. It also prepares students for a variety of professional careers in child care and development, adult education, and educational specialties in industry and business.

During freshman, sophomore, and junior years, Family and Consumer Sciences majors gain experience in observation and actual participation, ranging from the preschool level through secondary level classes.

Sports Nutrition

Whether you are a competitive athlete or just enjoy working out, what you eat will affect your performance.

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