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All Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) accredited programs must meet certain basic requirements. One such requirement is that the Coordinated Program (CP) clearly states its mission, goals, and expected program outcomes. This outcome data collected is used to maintain or improve the program effectiveness.


The Mission for Marywood University Coordinated Program in Nutrition and Dietetics is to provide an educational curriculum that includes preparation in the liberal arts, as well as, coordinated nutrition/dietetic theory and practice, which is based on ACEND Foundation Knowledge and Competencies with a concentration in Health Promotion and Wellness. This educational framework provides the academic excellence, skills, and values required to practice as a competent entry-level dietitian/nutritionist, and also for the flexibility which permits changing roles and the development of the skills needed to foster leadership in future community and global specializations, which the graduates wish to pursue.

Goals & Outcomes


#1 To prepare students to be competent entry-level dietitians through quality didactic and supervised practice learning experiences.


  1. Eighty percent of students enrolled in the Coordinated Program will complete all program requirements within three years, which is 150 percent of the time planned for completion.
  2. Over a five-year period, 70 percent or more of the Coordinated Program graduates, who sought employment in dietetics, will be employed within twelve months of program completion.
  3. Over a five-year period, the pass rate for Coordinated Program graduates, taking the registration examination for the first time, will be at least 80 percent.
  4. On senior program self evaluations, greater than 90 percent of the Learning Outcomes will be selected as at least moderately effective, generating a mean value of greater than 3.0 on a scale of 0-4. (competent)
  5. On the post completion preceptors’ survey, greater than 90 percent of preceptors who responded will state that the Coordinated Program compared favorably to other supervised practice programs.
  6. On the one-year postgraduate evaluations, 90 percent of the respondents will indicate that they would recommend Marywood University.
  7. On the one-year post completion employer survey, 90 percent of the Learning Outcomes will have mean value of 2.0 or greater on a scale of 0-3.



#2 To prepare graduates to be successfully employed in their fields, attend graduate school, or pursue other career options.


  1. On the five-year post graduate survey, 80 percent of graduates who responded will be professionally employed or enrolled in an academic program.
  2. 100 percent of the graduates will present an acceptable professional portfolio (defined as earning a letter grade of a B or better) and a course binder after each completed Supervised Practice course.
  3. 100 percent of the graduates will develop and implement at least one health promotion/ wellness program (e.g., a health fair, health promotion screening, diabetes treatment, weight management program, etc.)