Photo of Christine and Colleague

A Bittersweet End

Christine Ovalle ended her MNT/Professional Practice rotation in the OR observing a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy with a fellow dietetic intern from Brooklyn College at Brookdale. She says the end came as bittersweet.

Intern Christine Ovalle

Everyday is a day closer #RD2be

Christine Ovalle is a Distance Dietetic Intern who recently had the opportunity to observe an MBS study performed in the OR.  

Interns at the FNCE Conference

FNCE 2017

Two distance interns enjoying the Ocean Spray Booth at the FNCE Conference. FNCE 2017 celebrated the ideologies of our founders while providing fresh perspectives on new opportunities within an ever-changing healthcare environment.

Nutrition student in Costa Rica

DPD/Spanish Emphasis Study Abroad in Costa Rica

Senior Spanish DPD student, Austin Fernandez, is currently in Costa Rica sharing his wealth of knowledge in nutrition with local residents. Austin conducted a nutrition education program at a senior center and focused on portion control of common Costa Rican vegetables, fruits, and grains. He has also been taking cooking lessons and has learned to make piacadillo de papas, zanahorias, and hand made tortillas.

Nutrition student at the Graduate Research Forum

Graduate Research Symposium

Graduate students from the MS in Nutrition and the MS in Sports Nutrition and Exercise Science programs presented their research at the Graduate Research Symposium held at Marywood University. Emma Shank presented her research titled "Determining Dietary Habits and Nutritional Deficits of Guatemalan Mothers of the Child Health and Nutrition Program of San Lucas, Toliman, Guatemala: Pilot Study", Lindsay Howard presented her research titled "Influence of Hydration Status on Cognitive Function and Skill Performance in Division III Collegiate Female Basketball Players", and Stacie Smith presented her research titled "Barriers to Participation in a Weight Management Program for College Freshman". 

Students at the Community Health Fair

Community Health Fair

Students from the Social and Cultural Aspects of Food course presented at a Community Health Fair held at Marywood University. They prepared a lentil recipe and talked about MyPlate, portion size, and the importance of measuring ingredients such as salt and oil when cooking for both children and adults.

Honor Society Honoree

Order of Mother Germaine O'Neil Honors Society

Dessy Bubaris was inducted into the Order of Mother Germaine O'Neil Honors Society. She will be graduating with a Citation in Honors.

Jess at training students in Guatemala

Guatemala Medical Mission and Research

Clinical Assistant Professor Jessica Bodzio and graduate student Emma Shank recently traveled to San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala on November 8, 2016 to continue their research and mission work with the Health Promoters of San Lucas Toliman. They set up the Health Promoters’ (HP) electronic tablets with the REDCap mobile application that included a Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ) that was piloted and custom designed by Jessica Bodzio and Emma Shank for this population. During their time there, they conducted day-long, group, hands-on training sessions with several of the HPs to orient them to the REDCap app, the FFQ, and the food models used to demonstrate typical portion sizes. Their following days there, they observed several of the HPs train other HPs in a train-the-trainer fashion. They also witnessed the HPs administer the FFQ to mothers who have malnourished children in the Child Health and Nutrition Program coordinated through Stanford University.

The data garnered through the customized FFQ will allow them to determine the dietary habits of these mothers.  This, in turn, will allow them to identify areas of nutritional deficit in the mothers, particularly those that have the potential to affect the quality of life of their offspring (e.g. iron, B12 and folate). They hope to use these findings to garner additional funding to initiate the development of sustainable programs that empower Guatemalan mothers by continuing to utilize the train-the-trainer model with the HPs.

Student exhibiting at the MetLife Health Fair

MetLife's Nutrition and Wellness Fair

For National Nutrition Month, Marywood Nutrition and Dietetic DPD students presented at MetLife's Nutrition and Wellness Fair. The students provided samples, games, and information on five major food groups. The fair also consisted of Marywood Nursing students, who took blood pressure for the employees, Terra Preta, WOW, MetLife's Community Health Promotion Intern, and MetLife's corporate RDN.

Student at the FNCE Conference

FNCE 2016

The Nutrition and Dietetics Department had a strong presence at FNCE 2016. Multiple members of the department presented their research at the poster sessions. Alumni Despina Bubaris, RDN, presented her undergraduate research: Relationship Between Nutrition Education and Dietetics Students' Disordered Eating Attitudes and Behaviors. Professor Diane DellaValle, PhD, RDN, LDN presented her research: What is the relationship between dietary intake, vitamin D status and systolic blood pressure in a cohort of children with metabolic syndrome? Lastly, alumni Lauren Razawich, MS, RDN, LDN presented her graduate research: Assessment of Dietary Intake of Individuals with Celiac Disease on a Gluten-Free Diet.

Students exhibiting at the Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Annual Meeting and Exhibition

Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Annual Meeting and Exhibition

Graduate student Stacie Smith presented her research titled "Barriers to Participation in a Weight Management Program for College Freshman" at the 2016 Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Annual Meeting and Exhibition.

KON Honor Society meeting

Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society inductees. Kappa Omicron Nu acknowledges undergraduate and graduate students who have shown outstanding dedication to their Nutrition and Dietetics course work. 

DPD student Rebecca Huber

New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station

Current DPD student, Rebecca Huber, was recently published in an article produced by Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. The article provides great advice for students who want to avoid unwanted weight gain in college. 

Student with clients in Guatemala

Guatemala Medical Mission Trip

On March 6, 2016, along with an interprofessional team of students, Emma Shank (graduate student in the Nutrition & Dietetics Department) and Mrs. Jessica Bodzio (Clinical Assistant Professor in the Nutrition & Dietetics Department and faculty adviser) traveled to San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala for a medical mission. During the week, Emma trained a team of community Health Promoters to administer a customized Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ) with Guatemalan mothers for the first stage of their research. After the training, Emma and Jessica visited with Guatemalan mothers to test the questionnaire. The purpose of this phase of the research was to assess and improve the questionnaire's effectiveness. The Health Promoters did an excellent job and provided much helpful feedback. Emma and Jessica are looking forward to furthering their research and continuing their work in the upcoming months.

Students at Scranton University Health and Wellness Fair

Scranton University Health and Wellness Fair

SAND participated in the Scranton University Health and Wellness Fair. Students presented "Breakfast On-The-Go", a topic which featured quick and healthy options for the most important meal of the day. Participants were able to build their own parfait with either Greek or Traditional low-fat yogurt and a variety of toppings, all having amazing nutritional benefits. 

Students at Physical Exam Workshop

Nutrition Focused Physical Exam Workshop

On September 19th, senior CP and DPD students, DI interns, and PA students in their didactic year participated in an interprofessional Nutrition Focused Physical Exam workshop. The workshop was facilitated by PA program faculty member Mr. David Isgan, MHS, PA-C with three Nutrition and Dietetics faculty members in attendance. Students and interns attended an interactive lecture in the morning and gained hands on practice in the afternoon.

Laura Niederer and Katharine Tebbetts

Soar Program-Sugar in Popular Drinks

At Fun Friday SAND members Laura Niederer and Katharine Tebbetts presented on sugar hidden in popular drinks to students in the Soar Program. 

Students at Tobyhanna Army Depot  Prevention Fair

2016 DPD Program Students Volunteer

Senior DPD students volunteered at Tobyhanna Army Depot for the Sept.16th Prevention Fair. The theme of the table and nutrition education provided was "Healthy Eating on the Go" which included informational handouts as well as recipe cards for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Salad shakers and samples of healthy snacks were given to Tobyhanna employees to enjoy.

Students at the Wright Center Health Fair

Wright Center Health Fair 2016

SAND members attended the 2016 Wright Center Health Fair and 5K on October 16th. The event presented many opportunities for participants to check their blood sugar and learn about nutrition, exercise, yoga, and a variety of different therapies. Participants were provided healthy salads, warm apple cider, and opportunities to win prizes. Students Desire Wentzell, Anetta Pool, Katerina Nye, and Logan Ellis spent time connecting with the participants offering protein energy bites, 24 hour food intake analysis, and encouraging local residents to take advantage of the nutrition counseling services of local professionals.

Students at the YMCA Health Fair

YMCA Health Fair 2016

On October 20th, SAND members attended the YMCA Senior Health Fair. Vendors included senior home care facilities and companies that provide activities for seniors to enjoy during their leisure time. Members had a table set up offering nutritional advice, specifically regarding fiber intake, and answered any questions the community had.

Students at Kidstuff


Nutrition and Dietetics students participated in Kidstuff at Marywood University. Students provided children of different age groups with information on proper hydration by having them guess how many glasses of water they should be drinking and providing them with hydration facts.

Nutriion students teach SOAR students about fruits and vegetagles

Soar Program-Fruits and Vegetables

Students from Marywood Student Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (SAND) visited SOAR students to make Fun Friday even more Fun with Vegetable and Fruit Bingo!

Kristen Hendrix on PA Live

PA Live: Intern In the Kitchen

Laurie Waskovich was joined by her summer graduate dietetic intern, Kristen Hendrix, on PA Live: In the Kitchen who helped make the wraps and discussed the nutritional benefits of all the veggies they used.

Despina Bubaris displays her research

Undergraduate Research Forum

Senior Nutrition and Dietetics student, Despina Bubaris, presented her research titled "Relationship Between Nutrition Education and Dietetics Students' Disordered Eating Attitude Eating and Behaviors" at the Undergraduate Research Forum at Marywood University. 

Breakfast Demonstration

Build a Better Breakfast

Students participated in a Build a Better Breakfast Food Demo to prepare for professional practice in Community Nutrition. Students chose a few nutritious and balanced breakfast recipes to prepare and serve to their audience, The Lifelong Learners Club. The audience was pleased with how the recipes tasted and were interested in preparing some on their own! One member even complimented the students on their teamwork!