Student Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

YMCA Health Fair 2016

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On October 20th, SAND members attended the YMCA Senior Health Fair. Vendors included senior home care facilities and companies that provide activities for seniors to enjoy during their leisure time. Members had a table set up offering nutritional advice, specifically regarding fiber intake, and answered any questions the community had.

Wright Center Health Fair 2016

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SAND members attended the 2016 Wright Center Health Fair and 5K on October 16th. The event presented many opportunities for participants to check their blood sugar and learn about nutrition, exercise, yoga, and a variety of different therapies. Participants were provided healthy salads, warm apple cider, and opportunities to win prizes. Students Desire Wentzell, Anetta Pool, Katerina Nye, and Logan Ellis spent time connecting with the participants offering protein energy bites, 24 hour food intake analysis, and encouraging local residents to take advantage of the nutrition counseling services of local professionals.


kids stuff

Nutrition and Dietetics students participated in Kidstuff at Marywood University. Students provided children of different age groups with information on proper hydration by having them guess how many glasses of water they should be drinking and providing them with hydration facts.

Scranton University Health and Wellness Fair


SAND participated in the Scranton University Health and Wellness Fair. Students presented "Breakfast On-The-Go", a topic which featured quick and healthy options for the most important meal of the day. Participants were able to build their own parfait with either Greek or Traditional low-fat yogurt and a variety of toppings, all having amazing nutritional benefits. 

Soar Program-Sugar in Popular Drinks


At Fun Friday SAND members Laura Niederer and Katharine Tebbetts presented on sugar hidden in popular drinks to students in the Soar Program. 

Soar Program-Fruits and Vegetables 


Students from Marywood Student Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (SAND) visited SOAR students to make Fun Friday even more Fun with Vegetable and Fruit Bingo! 

Wegmans Store Tour


As a Community RDN, one aspect of your job may be providing store tours to at risk populations. Members of SAND recently had to opportunity to experience a store tour at Wegmans. Wegmans offers small portion sizes on their ready-to-eat foods and a large section of organic produce at reasonable prices. Wegmans also offers a wide variety of employee and customer health programs to educate the public on nutrition and wellness.

Past SAND events.