Intern Testimonials

marywood nutrition and dietetics internship program intern testimonials

Enjoyed My Experience "I enjoyed my experience as a Marywood intern and am grateful to everyone who served as a preceptor, director, and professor!"

Provides Direction for the RDN Exam "The RDN review class was helpful in providing direction on what to study and ways to go about studying for the RDN exam."

Part of the Team "I felt like a part of the team. This was one of the best feelings- being able to put all the knowledge I learned to use, on my own, and the RDNs trusting me with their patients."

Prepared Me for My Future "The Marywood University distance dietetic internship was very well organized and has exceptionally prepared me for my future in dietetics."

Each Rotation is Different "Each rotation is so different from the rest, but a good different because there are so many aspects and interactions with patients and various elements of nutrition. The book we used included multiple common diseases along with proper MNT, which I not only found helpful, but interesting."

Prepared for the RDN Exam "The course quizzes, modules, and assignments effectively prepared me to achieve competency for an entry-level job and the RDN exam."

I Feel Confident "I feel confident going into a clinical position with the knowledge I learned over this program."

Beyond My Expectations "This internship has gone beyond my expectations for preparing me for my RD exam and becoming an entry level RD."

Immersive Internship Experience "In my opinion, the best way to learn something is to be immersed in it. I have read textbooks on varying MNT topics but did not feel I fully understood everything until I worked in a hospital and experienced it through this internship."

MNT Rotation Was Amazing "The MNT rotation was amazing. I fell in love with clinical nutrition during the rotation and learned so much."

Real-World Experience "This rotation was a great opportunity to practice MNT and have exposure to real-world situations, patients, conditions, and on-the-job demands and stresses which are essential to clinical dietetic practice. I received 2 very excellent job offers in clinical nutrition during my MNT rotations"

One-on-One Interaction "I appreciate the one on one interaction with faculty bi-weekly. It made me feel like a valued intern and I was able to ask any questions I had come up with during my rotations."