Nutrition & Dietetics: Onsite Internship Admission Process

Admission to the Onsite Dietetic Internship

Note Students who have completed a minimum of a Bachelor's degree and a Didactic Program approved or accredited by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) are eligible to apply for admission to the program. Acceptance is contingent upon acceptance form Graduate Admissions at Marywood University.  Admission to the program is competitive. Up to fifteen students are selected each year for the onsite track.  Up to ten of those fifteen can potentially be accepted using the ACEND approved pre-select option available to current Marywood students only.  Reach out to the Program Director for the specific application due date and additional details regarding the pre-select option for current Marywood students.

The Dietetic Internship (DI) program is now a Masters required two-year program beginning in the fall of 2018 - onsite track is a full-time program that will require students to come to Marywood University in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Phase One is completed in the first year with graduate coursework.  Phase Two begins in the summer session of that year with continued graduate coursework combined with supervised practice.  The student will be placed in facilities/agencies in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre or surrounding area and attend classes on campus. Marywood's Master DI Program - onsite track consists of 36 graduate credits (a mix of supervised practice credits and graduate credits). The supervised practice credits in phase two are designed as experiential courses.

The graduate credits will count as part of the curriculum for the Masters in Science (MS). Upon successful completion of the Masters DI program - onsite track, the intern is eligible to take the RDN exam.

Marywood University also offers a Masters in Sports Nutrition and Exercise Science which is not part of the MSDI Program. Interested students would need to complete an additional 15 credits of coursework after the two year Masters DI Program is finished.  This option is only offered on campus and is not in an online format currently.

DICAS Match Process

The Marywood University Masters Dietetic Internship Program participates in Dietetic Internship Centralized Application System (DICAS) for Spring Computer Matching Process.

  • Information on the Computer Matching Procedures: website or watch the video.
  • Apply through the DICAS spring match or e-mail  Applicants who are not part of the pre-select program must participate in a national computer matching process and must submit a complete electronic (DICAS) internship application.
  • Students also need to register online and enter contact information, program preferences and pay fees with a credit card on or before the deadline date. 
  • Note: Computer matching to a Dietetic Internship is a two-step process that includes completion of the application through DICAS and registering for computer matching with D&D Digital. 
  • Please contact D&D Digital for current cost or contact by email at  Additional contact information for D&D Digital Systems, 304 Main Street - Suite 301, Ames, IA  50010; Phone 515-292-0490; Fax 515-663-9427; E-mail;
  • Include your GRE scores in the DICAS application.  GRE Scores are required for admission into the program. (#2407 Institutional Code)  
  • Have your official transcripts and GRE Scores mailed to Mr. Jason Thiel, Graduate Admissions Counselor, Marywood University, 2300 Adams Avenue, Scranton, PA  18509. Should you have any questions about the graduate application process and/or necessary documents for the Master Program, please contact him at

Note: The Marywood University Masters Dietetic Internship program has no additional application fees, specific to the university, beyond the application fees for DICAS and D&D Digital.

 All students will need to submit a Marywood University Graduate Web Application.  This is done after you are offered and have accepted a slot in the program through the computer matching process.  Acceptance by Graduate Admissions does not guarantee admissions to the internship program.

The Admission Decision is Based On

  • The completed centralized internship application process.
  • The Admission Committee of the program considers the following qualities in the selection process;
    • Academic ability
    • Communication skills
    • Leadership Potential
    • Evidence of the ability to be self-directed and organized
    • Commitment to the profession of dietetics
    • Technological skills

The admissions decision is based on the completed DICAS application.  A minimum GPA together with a point system is used in the Marywood University selection process and applicants are rank ordered. Interviews are conducted with qualified candidates allowing additional opportunity for them to ask questions also.

Important: Please indicate which Track you are applying to, either the Onsite Track or Distance Track, in your personal statement.

 You have 60 days to submit all the necessary forms for the program following the acceptance of a slot if offered.  Once all the paperwork is accepted and approved by the Program Director you will be permitted to begin the program. 

Timeline for Internship Applicants for Spring Match

Notification Day

Begins 6:00 pm CDT April of each year. Applicants will find their matching result through Monday, (Appointment Day). This is the only source of notification for applicants. Each applicant will receive either ONE MATCH or NO MATCH after login.

Appointment Day

Follows notification day in April each year. Matched applicants must contact the Dietetic Internship program by email on or before 6:00 PM (time zone of the program) on that Monday,  to confirm the acceptance of the MATCH.  Program Director, Stephanie Minkoff, can be reached at


Your completed graduate admissions application will be processed.  Once your graduate application is completed, you will receive a letter from graduate admissions notifying you of your acceptance into Marywood's graduate school.  At this point, a $500 non-refundable deposit will be required before you can register for classes.  The $500 deposit should be mailed to Marywood University Graduate Admissions.    If you have questions about this process, please contact the Program Director.

DI Program Needs

Soon after you accept the D & D Digital Match for this program you will receive an email from the Program Director indicating the date for the virtual orientation meeting including call-in number and access code.  This meeting will be in mid-April to share additional details on the next steps and give you the opportunity to ask questions.  An onsite orientation is held in Phase Two of the program prior to beginning supervised practice.  This occurs in the summer between the first and second year.  Typically this is the last full week of June.

Program paperwork required:

  1. Original Verification Statement of Didactic Program completion.

  2. Medical Clearances are required for Phase Two of the program. Prior to Phase Two, all students must provide evidence of a current physical examination.

    a. See PE form in the FORM section on the side bar. The following forms need to be completed and signed by a physician: Health History-Physical Examination, Immunization Record (in the Forms section).  A current physical, Two Step PPD, proof of Rubeola, Rubella, Mumps and Varicella antibody titer, and Hepatitis B series, and Tdap vaccine (in the last 10 years), is defined as one completed no earlier than May 10th of the year the student plans to begin the supervised practice portion of the program (i.e. May 10, 2022). 

    b. The completed forms should be returned by May 30 to Stephanie Minkoff, Program Director. All forms must be completed prior to the first day of supervised practice.

    c. A flu vaccination is also required for all interns. This vaccination should be obtained in the Fall after Phase Two of the program begins. 

  3. The following Forms (located in the FORMS section): 
    • Registration forms for upcoming coursework
    • Electronic Criminal Record Check Form
    • Child Abuse History Clearance Form
    • FBI Fingerprint Search
    • Drug screen - if required

You are strongly advised to contact the director of the DI program before applying in order to receive any updated information.  

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