Nutrition & Dietetics: Distance FAQ

Do I need to have all of my preceptors identified to apply?

No - Marywood's Program does not require preceptors to be identified as part of the DICAS application.  When prospective candidates are offered and accept a slot in the internship program they will meet with the Program Director (virtually) who will offer guidance and criteria to begin the process.

What do I get at the completion of this program?

After successful completion of the program you will receive a Masters of Science degree and a signed Verification Statement to allow you to sit for the RDN exam.

So I can't work and get paid while I'm an intern?

You can work for pay any hours above the internship-committed hours or on weekends.  In Phase Two of the program working in addition to the supervised practice and graduate coursework is discouraged or should be very limited to allow ample time to meet the obligations of the program.

Can I transfer any of the supervised practice credits into a Master's Program?

The supervised practice courses are designed as experiential courses and incorporated as part of Marywood's MSDI program. You will complete with a Masters of Science degree.

How long do I have to complete the program?

The Masters Dietetic Internship is a full-time program that takes 22 months to complete, Phase One begins in the fall semester following the Spring DICAS Match and continues in the spring semester.  Phase Two kicks off following a mandatory on campus orientation typically the last full week of June.  In Phase Two supervised practice begins combined with continued graduate level coursework.  The program completes in May at the end of five semesters with a Masters of Science degree and a DI Verification statement.

You are encouraged to check with the program director for the exact dates.

What does successful completion mean?

The Masters DI requires 36 credits  for completion.  Interns must demonstrate both academic and clinical competence as described under "Evaluation System".   Interns in addition to completing the required credits, are required to maintain a B average and receive at least a moderate rating in all learning outcomes to be awarded the Verification Statement. 

What courses or rotations are involved and in what order will I take them?

The Masters Dietetic Internship consists of 36 credits.

Phase One consists of graduate coursework designed to make you successful on the RDN exam.

Phase Two continues with graduate coursework  and there are 4 supervised practice courses:

  • ND 565 Supervised Practice: Community Nutrition
  • ND 566 Supervised Practice: Foods Systems Management
  • ND 568 Supervised Practice: Clinical Dietetics  and
  • ND 500 Professional Practice, which includes the programs final exam and Staff Relief

Are there classes involved with the supervised practice?

"Classes" are in an Internet based educational system =  Moodle. Moodle will have the course outlines, information and links that will assist you in gathering the material needed for each rotation.

The onsite intern will meet with the program director (PD) on campus at least 2x for each rotation and as needed.  The distance intern will communicate with the PD via email (i.e. discussion boards) or on the telephone.

Do I need to file an application with D & D Digital?

All DI applicants need to complete his/her DICAS application and register for computer matching with   D and D Digital at:

Will Marywood University provide me with facilities and preceptors?

OnSite Track: The Dietetic Internship Program Director (PD) will arrange for facilities and preceptors for all experiences. You are encouraged to participate in your program development by expressing your individual interests.

Distance Track: The intern will need to locate and arrange for facilities and preceptors for all supervised practice experiences (Community Nutrition, FSM, MNT - acute and long term care). Consultation with the PD is encouraged. 

Onsite question: Will all my facilities or sites be in the Scranton area?

The onsite internship track has agreements with various agencies and health care facilities in and throughout the surrounding Scranton area. Some placements may require the intern to commute 20 - 60 + miles/day.

Are preceptors paid by Marywood University?

No, no financial compensation is provided to preceptors by the University.

What are the acceptance dates for the internship?

The Dietetic Internship program will participate in the April match. Check with D & D Digital for the application deadline.

Can I defer payments on my undergraduate loans?

Probably, since you are a registered graduate student taking at least a half-time program. Individual loan programs do vary, so it is best to check with your lender.

Can I get credit for past work experience?

This is possible, speak to the Director of the DI about this before you start the program.

Do I need all preceptors to be RDs?

RDs, of course, will be the best suited preceptors for many rotations. Other health and management personnel may also be appropriate depending on the experience. Discuss specific issues with your Program Director.