Program Calendar - Distance Track

  • Phase One during fall and spring following the DICAS match will be graduate coursework
  • Phase Two begins in summer of the year following the match after onsite orientation. Graduate coursework continues in conjunction with supervised practice.
  • July and August interns complete the community nutrition rotation.
  • September and October interns complete the Food Systems Management rotation along with continued graduate coursework.
  • November and December interns begin Medical Nutrition Therapy in the long-term care rotations with continued graduate coursework.
  • January through April of the final semester interns continue graduate coursework and move into the Medical Nutrition Therapy in an acute care setting.
  • The final supervised practice hours are in a CHOICE rotation for two weeks in a location selected based on the interns preference.
  • Interns who have successfully completed all elements of the program will graduate in May of the fifth semester with a Masters of Science in Nutition and DI verification statement allowing them to site for the RDN Exam.

Exceptions can be made at the discretion of the program director to meet special needs of interns.

Interns will submit a Time Line (form provided) indicating the proposed start and end date for all rotations with projected holidays/days off.

Once approved, by the DI program director, the start date of the first rotation will be recorded and will be the date that determines the latest possible completion date. Interns must complete the DI program within two calendar years of their start date.

One-on-One Interaction "I appreciate the one on one interaction with faculty bi-weekly. It made me feel like a valued intern and I was able to ask any questions I had come up with during my rotations."
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