marywood nutrition and dietetic internship program
Each Rotation is Different "Each rotation is so different from the rest, but a good different because there are so many aspects and interactions with patients and various elements of nutrition. The book we used included multiple common diseases along with proper MNT, which I not only found helpful, but interesting."
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Program Calendar - Distance Track

Students will complete the program starting in the Summer II semester (July 5, 2016) in the following sequence;

  1. ND 565 Supervised Practice in Community Nutrition (minimum 272 hours)
  2. ND 566 Supervised Practice in Food Systems Management (minimum 288 hours)
  3. ND 568 Supervised Practice in Clinical Dietetics; containing Acute and Long Term Care hours (minimum 448 hours)
  4. ND 500 - Professional Practice (minimum 128 hours) and Intern Option or CHOICE (minimum 64 hours)


Exceptions can be made at the discretion of the program director to meet special needs of interns.

Interns will submit a Time Line (form provided) indicating the proposed start and end date for all rotations with projected holidays/days off.

Once approved, by the DI program director, the start date of the first rotation will be recorded and will be the date that determines the latest possible completion date. Interns must complete the DI program within one calendar year of their start date.