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April 2017 - D & D Digital Match

 The Onsite Track, Distance Track and ISPP Distance Track are filled through the spring DICAS match process.


First Round

Our Dietetic Internship program will participate in the April 2017 Dietetic Internship Centralized Application process (DICAS) for the first round.  DICAS and D & D Digital deadline is February 15, 2017.

April 6, 2017, Thursday - D & D Digital will release the names of the DI programs that did not fill their class. Students who have not been matched by D&D Digital may contact the Dietetic Internship program director on April 6, 2017 by submitting their name and contact information on this DI programs application. Telephone calls will not be accepted.

Second Round

April 6, 2017, Thursday - Students who have not been matched by D&D Digital in the first round need to follow this program's  "Second Round Rules"

Telephone calls will be be accepted.

Successful applicants will be invited into this DI program during the week of April 10, 2017.


More about the Computer Matching Procedure


ISPP -Individualized Supervised Practice Pathways - Two slots are available

Marywood University has an additional Dietetic Internship Track, it is the Individualized Supervised Practice Pathways (ISPP) track.

This Individualized Supervised Practice Pathway (ISPP) Track is available to:

  1. Graduates who did not match to a dietetic internship (proof required*) but who possess a DPD verification statement, and
  2. Individuals holding a doctoral degree.

If you are not matched in the April 2017 D & D Digital match, first round (deadline February 15, 2017) or second round you are welcomed to submit this programs electronic application between April 11 and April 13, 2017 for the ISPP slots. See Second round rules above. Please be aware that applications will be reviewed until all slots are filled. The ISPP applications will be reviewed and a decision will be made by April 14, 2017.

The Marywood University ISPP Track is a distance option which requires you to locate your own facilities and preceptors at 125 miles or more from Scranton, PA.  

More information on what a Distance Track is can be found on the Distance Track page.

Submit the Marywood University Electronic application between April 11 and 13.

  • Follow the instructions above in the Program Second Round rules.  

Please do not call.


  1. If you participated in previous years DICAS and the D & D Digital computer matching process and were unsuccessful in obtaining a Dietetic Internship placement you can apply to this program's ISPP track. You will need to submit the electronic application with proof of your D & D Digital unsuccessful matching*. Please submit the D & D Digital documents via fax to the DI Program Director on April 14, 2017. Fax # 570-340-6029.
  2. You are also welcome to apply to the ISPP track if you hold a doctoral degree without a didactic verification statement.

* Proof of participation in the D & D Digital Match: Students will need to provide documentation that they applied for and failed to receive a match. If the student did not print or save this information, the student can contact D & D Digital and ask for documentation.

If you want more information on the ACEND Individualized Supervised Practice Pathways go to: http://www.eatright.org/ACEND/content.aspx?id=6442465002