Nutrition & Dietetics: Master of Science in Sports Nutrition & Exercise Science

General Requirements

Applicants to the Master's in Sports Nutrition and Exercise Science program usually have a bachelor's degree in nutrition, dietetics, or an exercise related field. They must have at least one year of anatomy and physiology and one chemistry course from an accredited institution. Other individuals are encouraged to apply with the understanding that they must take various undergraduate courses as prerequisites.


Typically, during the fall and spring semesters, graduate classes meet one evening per week for three hours. Classes generally meet twice a week in the summer sessions. Some classes are offered on Saturdays.

Core Courses

21 semester hours

SNES 502 Exercise Testing and Nutritional Assessment 3
SNES 510 Biomechanics 3
SNES 549 Sports Nutrition 3
SNES 574 Exercise Physiology 3
SNES 581 Energy Nutrients and Alcohol 3
SNES 582 Vitamins and Minerals 3
SNES 578 Sports Supplements 3

Research Sequence

9 semester hours

SNES 590 Research Methodology (required)  3
SNES 591 Statistical Analysis (required)  3
SNES 595 Research Thesis; A,B+C - Thesis option only 3
SNES 596 Capstone Course - Non Thesis option only 3


6 semester hours

These courses are examples of classes that might be available during a student’s program. Students cannot be guaranteed that a particular elective course will be available. Electives are generally offered on an approximately 3-year rotation.
SNES 509 Strength and Conditioning 3
SNES 513 Exercise and Aging 3
SNES 525 Fluid and Electrolyte Balance/ Pharmacology 3
SNES 503 Endocrine Disorders, Nutrition and Exercise 3
SNES 523 Immunology, Exercise and Nutrition 3
SNES 575 Nutrition and Exercise for Weight Management 3