Nutrition & Dietetics: Master of Science in Nutrition


 Master's in Nutrition will prepare you for a variety of exciting careers in a growing field:

  • Advocates who influence the development and interpretation of food and nutrition-related legislation
  • Clinicians who assess, plan, implement and evaluate a client's nutrition care as a member of a health care team
  • Managers of resources who administer food service systems, community nutrition programs, and clinical practices
  • Educators who teach clients, healthcare professionals, employees and the general public
  • Researchers who directly conduct nutrition-related research, or who interpret the research to the public
  • Food and Nutrition Specialists who provide accurate, up-to-date information

General Program Requirements

Applicants to the M.S. in Nutrition program must have a bachelor's degree in nutrition, foods, or dietetics from an accredited institution. Others are encouraged to apply with the understanding that they may be required to take undergraduate courses as prerequisites.


Typically, during the fall and spring semesters, graduate classes meet one evening per week for three hours. Classes generally meet twice a week in the summer sessions. Some classes are offered on Saturdays.

Core Courses

9 semester hours

ND 560 Biochemistry of Nutrition and Exercise 3
ND 581 The Energy Nutrients and Alcohol 3
ND 582 Vitamins and Minerals 3

Research Sequence

9 semester hours

ND 590 Research Methodology (required) 3
ND 591 Statistical Analysis (required)  3
ND 595 Research Thesis; A,B+C - Thesis option only 3
ND 596 Capstone Course - Non Thesis option only 3


18 semester hours


These courses are examples of classes that might be available during a student’s program. Students cannot be guaranteed that a particular elective course will be available. Electives are generally offered on an approximately 3-year rotation.

ND 502 Exercise Testing and Nutrition Assessment 3
ND 503 Endocrine Disorders, Nutrition and Exercise 3
ND 504 Nutrition and Gerontology 3
ND 505 Maternal and Child Nutrition 3
ND 506 Nutrition and Human Behavior 3
ND 507 International Nutrition 3
ND 520 Recent Trends in Normal Nutrition 3
ND 523 Immunology, Exercise and Nutrition 3
ND 525 Clinical Nutrition: Pharmacology and Fluid-Electrolyte Balance 3
ND 530 Health Promotion 3
ND 534 Private Practice in Nutrition, Exercise Science and Health Promotion 3
ND 536 Communication Techniques in Nutrition and Exercise 3
ND 541 Nutrition and Women's Health 3
ND 549 Sports Nutrition 3
ND 575 Nutrition and Exercise for Weight Management 3
ND 599 Independent Study 3