Nutrition & Dietetics: Faculty

Lee Harrison, PhD, RD, FAND, CMFC

570-348-6211 x 2303
FullTime Faculty

Classes Taught

  • ND 112 Nutrition I
  • ND 502 Nutritional Assessment and Exercise Testing
  • ND 581 Energy Nutrients and Alcohol
  • ND 501 Recent Trends in Clinical Dietetics
  • ND 503 Endocrine Disorders, Nutrition, and Exercise
  • ND 504 Nutrition and Gerontology
  • ND 582 Vitamins and Minerals
  • ND 528 Critical Care I
  • ND 528 Critical Care II
  • D/HD 1041 Psychological and Physiological Basis of Human Development
  • ND 536 Communication in Nutrition Education
  • D/HP 1100 Professional Ethics
  • ND 523 Immunology, Exercise and Nutrition
  • ND 595 A, B, C Research Thesis
  • ND 525 Fluid and Electrolyte Balance/Pharmacology

Published Works

  • Harrison, L., Brennan, M., Levine, A. (2000) Frequency and Intensity of Physical Activity Among Service Members. Journal of Health Promotion.
  • Harrison, L., Brennan, M., Levine, A. (2000) Comparison of Service Member and Military Spouse Satisfaction with Installation Fitness Facilities and Exercise Programs. Military Medicine 165(9)
  • Harrison, L., Brennan, M., Shilanskis, C. (1998) Physical Activity Patterns and Satisfaction with Fitness Facilities Among Military Members and Their Families. Scranton, Pennsylvania; Military Family Institute.
  • Harrison, Lee (1995) Hemodynamic Monitoring: An Overview. Support Line. Volume XVII Number 4, 9-12.
  • Marsico, C. Borja, M. Harrison, L. Loftus, M. (1998) Food Ratings of Courses and Culinary Training Components in Dietetics Education. JADA 98(6) 692-93.
  • Levine, A., Borja, M., Broughton, W., Dougherty, L., Harrison, Loftus, M., Pette, T. (1996) The Health and Nutrition of Children in Military Families Dietary Recall, Comus and Oconus, Scranton, Pennsylvania: Military Family Institute
  • Levine, A., Borja, M., Broughton, W., Dougherty, L., Harrison, L., Loftus, M., Russo, T. (1996) Health and Nutrition of children in Military Families, Phase I, McChord AFB; Phase I, Fort Lewis AFB. Scranton, Pennsylvania: Military Family Institute.


  • 2002 Lee Harrison Facilitator Open Space: Research and Education- dialog session- ADA FNCE, October 22, 2002, Philadelphia.
  • 2002 Hightower-Thompson, Levine, Harrison and Quinton. An Examination of the Knowledge about Folic Acid Amongst African American Women of Childbearing Age Who Use Varying Levels of Supplemental Folic Acid. Poster Session ADA FNCE October 21 st, 2002, Philadelphia.
  • 2002 Horning, Levine, Borja and Harrison. An Examination of the Eating Attitudes and Body Image Among University Nutrition and Non-nutrition Majors. Poster session ADA FNCE October 21st,2002 Philadelphia.
  • 2001 Weider, Levine, Harrison. The Impact of Registered Dietitian Involvement on Weight Loss in Physician-Sponsored Pharmacotherapy-Based Programs. ADA Food and Nutrition Conference. St Louis. October 2001.
  • 2001 Harrison, L Future Practice Roles for Dietetic Professionals. ADA Meeting of Leaders. Chicago, IL. April 27 2001.
  • 2000 Harrison, L. Innovations in Dietetic Education: An Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program. Poster ADA National Convention Denver, Colorado (National). October 2000.
  • 2000 Preside at DEP student session: Creating Your Future Starts Now and DEP Business and Executive Board Meetings, ADA National Convention Denver, Colorado. National. October 2000.
  • 2000 Harrison, L. and Cabral, G. Teaching Consciousness in an Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program. Toward A Science of Consciousness 2000. Tucson, Arizona. National.
  • 1999 Williams,K., Harrison, L., Pazzaglia, G. An Assessment of the Actual Fluid Intake and Prevalence of Dehydration in the Institutionalized Elderly with Dysphagia. Poster session ADA National Conference Atlanta, Georgia. National.
  • 1999 Angelella, M. L., Borja, M. Harrison, L. Golden, M.A. The Relationship Between Nutrition Knowledge and the Nutritional Risk of Elderly Residing Independently in the Community. Poster session ADA National Convention Atlanta, Georgia. National.
  • 1999 Baranosky, A. M., Bessinger, C., Borja, M., Harrison, L. Herbal Supplementation: Attitudes and Knowledge Base of Three Dietetic Practice Groups. Poster session ADA National Convention, Atlanta, Georgia. National
  • 1999 Levine, A., Dougherty, L., Borja, M., Harrison, L., Long, J. Nutritional Status of Preschool Children In Military Families. Poster session ADA National Convention. Atlanta, Georgia. National
  • 1999 Harrison, L. Developing a Distance Education Dietetic Internship. Invited presentation ADA National Convention Atlanta, Georgia. National.
  • 1998 Harrison, L. and Brennan, M. Factors Contributing to the Physical Activity Patterns and Satisfaction with Fitness Facilities among Military Members. Presentation Mid-South Sociological Society (MSSA) Lafayette, Louisiana. Regional.
  • 1998 Harrison, L. and Brennan, M. Physical Activity Patterns and Satisfaction with Fitness Facilities Among Military Members and Their Families. Poster at American Sociological Society (ASA) San Francisco, California. National.
  • 1998 Served as leader/trainer for new group of program reviewers CADE Site Visitors Workshop. Chicago, Illinois. National.
  • 1998 Project briefing for Office of Community Support Policy and the Assistant to Deputy Director of Defense. DOD. Physical Activity Patterns and Satisfaction with Fitness Facilities Among Military Members and Their Families. National.


Dr. Harrison received her bachelor's degree in Home Economics from Marywood College and her master's degree in food and nutrition from Indiana State University. In 1984, she received her Ph.D. from New York University.

Professional Memberships

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Dietitians in Research
Nutrition and Dietetic Educators of Practitioners

Professional Experience

Full professor
Marywood University, Scranton, PA.
Co-Chair Nutrition and Dietetics Department
Marywood University, Scranton, PA.

Dietetic Internship Director
Marywood University, Scranton, PA.

DPD Director
Marywood University, Scranton PA

CP Director
Marywood University, Scranton, PA

Staff Clinical Dietitian
Wilson Memorial Hospital,Johnson City, NY.

Awards & Honors

  • Nominated for Outstanding Dietetic Educator Award - 2002
  • Recognition of Service Award - ADA - 2000
  • Invited participant in Innovations in Dietetic Education Seminar - An Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in Human Development/Health Promotion - 2000
  • Innovations in Dietetic Education Grant - Online Dietetic Internship - 1999
  • Certificate of Appreciation - Dietitians in Nutrition Support - 1997
  • Fellow of the American Dietetic Association - 1996
  • Invited participant ADA Future Search Conference - 1995
  • Dietetic Educators Grant - 1992
  • Preceptor for student in Penn State Dietetic Technician Program