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Regional Advantage

Marywood University is one of only five colleges or universities in Pennsylvania to offer a Bachelor of Science degree in education and Pennsylvania teacher certification in family and consumer sciences education. While the number of family and consumer sciences education graduates has declined, employment opportunities in this field has increased in the state.

Career Opportunities

According to a report made to the Pennsylvania State Board of Education, the demand for family and consumer sciences teachers is expected to be many times the supply of student enrolled in undergraduate programs in Pennsylvania. Therefore, Family and Consumer Sciences Education graduates with teaching certificates can expect favorable job prospects.


As a teacher of family consumer sciences, you will have a direct impact on the lives of individuals, the health of families, and the welfare of society. You will help to shape the future in a very direct way. A certificate to teach family and consumer sciences in Pennsylvania specifically qualifies an individual to teach the following subject areas:

  • Human development
  • Child care and development
  • Consumer education
  • Food science and nutrition
  • Balancing work, family, and community responsibilities


In Marywood's Family and Consumer Science Program, you will learn varied instructional strategies which complement diverse learning styles, the latest educational technologies and their application, and how to engage students in problem-solving activities. Additionally, you will acquire the skills and experience to design developmentally appropriate learning experiences, foster creativity in the learning environment, engage students in problem-solving activities, and create an intellectually exciting learning environment.

Other Career Options

Teaching is not the only professional career option with a degree in FCS. Graduates also have career opportunities in child care and development, adult education, education administration, the food service and hospitality industries, home health care, recreational and occupational therapy, and as educational specialists in industry and business.